The Teachings that Saved My Life

These are strong words, but there is weight in every single one of them and I mean them to the core of me.
If you have not heard of Abraham and Esther Hicks, open up a new window and Google them.

Go do it, right now.

It was January of 2014 and I was having a rough start to my brand new year. Three weeks and I’m already deflated. I had started listening to these new podcasts from The Be Well Buzz and I really enjoyed them. One day, a woman came on a show that was titled The Law of Attraction. I didn’t know much about this concept but I listened and grew fascinated by what she was saying. Basically, the Universe matches up to whatever it is that we put out. If we are upset about something, the Universe gives us more to be upset about. If we are happy, we attract more to be happy about. Pretty simple. You reap what you sow, you get what you give. Why though was this the first time I was hearing about this concept in such depth?

Do people really live like this?

So I did what the woman on the podcast said to do and went home and watched the  movie The Secret – which was a collaborative documentary explaining how we all can apply the Law of Attraction in our life .It all made sense. The movie was very interesting and one teacher in particular stood out to me. Esther Hicks was her name…

I did a search for her and came up with a track on SoundCloud of a workshop where she spoke.
I think I listened to that hour long track 100 times in a week… or close to it!
What she said made perfect sense… but what was going on with her voice and who was Abraham?

It took me a full day to really grasp what was going on with the teachings. Esther Hicks is a woman from Texas. She married her love, her husband Jerry Hicks, who passed on in November of 2011. Esther is a very “normal” woman who lives a great life… her and Jerry stumbled upon Abraham after meditating for several months. Abraham is a group of non-physical beings that Esther channels. My suggestion is that after you finish reading this lovely blog of appreciation, you go and watch The Secret Behind the Secret which is an incredible documentary that describes all of Esther and Jerry’s lives, and how they work with Abraham.

Esther uses a skill that we all have,but a very teeny tiny percentage of us consciously use. She channels. Channeling has gotten a bad reputation because like most things… people fear what they don’t understand. Have you ever been inspired? Have you ever had an idea to create something, and you go sit down with a pen and paper and write it down perfectly? Or you sit down with your paintbrush and create a masterpiece? Have you ever known exactly how to fix something and you go do it and it turns out even better than you thought? I believe… what happens when we are inspired (just like me, as I type this out) is what happens when we begin to channel. Channeling is channeling energy, and we are all energy. I believe that at our core, our Source, is pure positive energy. So what Esther seems to be doing is channeling that pure positive energy in the form of Abraham, and verbalizes the information for others to understand.

(These are my interpretations of what I see, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t see something else! 😉 )

When I began listening to Esther and Abraham 3 years ago, my life changed. I began to see how I was putting out all of these awful vibrations and how they were all coming right back to me. I was really upset with my life. I was full of resentment towards people I loved. I was full of anger, and I was feeling like a victim in my own life. Through the Abraham teachings, I was finally able to realize what I had been putting out, and what the Universe in turn was delivering right back to me.

What I have noticed is that it just takes the realization that you are putting out these thoughts… and then subtly your circumstances begin to change. As soon as you realize how you are thinking, you can change your thought patterns – so I did. I began to look around and see insane amounts of wonderful things around me, from my house, to my dogs, to my little girl, to my husband, my job, my health, my car! So many things for me that were right there when I needed them! People in my life who loved me just for being myself!img_2215.jpg

And… what Abraham is notorious for teaching, our thoughts are attractive. “You get what you think about whether you want it or not!”  This is The Law of Attraction…So I began thinking how blessed I was. I began appreciating every little thing that came to me… even things that may not have been ‘ideal’ I blessed those things for coming because I knew that there was something for me to learn from them.

During the time that I was deep in the Abraham teachings, my life COMPLETELY changed. My relationship with my husband got 100 times better. My financial situation improved and I began my journey as a Life Coach.

Whenever I’m asked about my most influential teachers, Abraham comes up first. Always. It was their book (The Vortex) that got me in gear. It was their teachings that helped me rewire my thinking. And as soon as I began to think a little kinder, my  life got so much better.

Abraham teaches that our thoughts are everything. Every, little, thing. It all starts with a thought. Just a few seconds (they say about 17 seconds) and our thought will gather momentum and lead to another thought like it. So when we spend our days, weeks and years thinking thoughts that are so horribly painful to think, or full of worry, or fear… then our life becomes painful, full of worry and full of fear. But when we change our thoughts… even “lying” to ourselves and thinking about something that may not be TRUE (YET!), those thoughts will gather momentum and as soon as 15 minutes from now, you will begin to see evidence of them in your real life physical world. It’s our thinking that creates our reality and having a good imagination and positive thoughts is what will completely flip your life in the right direction.


Abraham also teaches… there is no truth. Truth is something that enough people thought about and eventually believed so much that it became true in their experience. But after time, if we change what we believe, by changing what we think, our truth changes. The only thing that is ever really true is that we are all worthy, we are all good, and we are all capable of giving and receiving love.

These are just a few minor pieces of my experience with Abraham’s teachings. Honestly, it doesn’t matter either way whether you like these concepts, agree with them or disagree.

I think there is beauty around us everywhere. I think it’s just up to us to open our eyes and our hearts and look around and acknowledge. We all came from the same place and we are all here having these experiences together. If we can be open to thinking a little softer, a little kinder and with our hearts full of peace there’s no end to the good we can do.

I believe that people are attracted to what they are emanating and maybe this blog will help you in some way… or not! However, I feel that after the 3 years that I’ve been using this work, my life has gone from confusing to beautiful and clear, and I know it is because of the work of Abraham, Esther and the late Jerry Hicks.

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