Who is the Devil?

Every day I pull three Tarot cards for myself from an app that I really like. It gives me my daily horoscope and a past, present and future card.

Today’s card: The Devil.

Actually, The Devil came up for me in my reading 2 days ago as well…

I firmly believe, and I’ll go into detail why, there are no bad cards in the Tarot. Not even the devil him(her)self.
Let’s get to know this card so we can really understand the message that it brings. It’s actually very empowering.

When we look at the Devil we see an ominous looking giant in a straight jacket (in the deck that I use, The Dreamers Way Tarot Deck). There are all the devilish traits, red hair, horns, some creepy wings… just so we can really get that picture we all have in our head. The straight jacket is super important… what this is symbolizing is that there is a degree of control and restraint in the card.
Now we look below the Devil at the two human puppets she’s controlling. They are naked, exposed and in chains. However, and this is super important too — the chains are loose. This is where the insight comes from. IMG_2284

There is actually no such thing as The Devil. I checked. There’s no creature that lives in the basement full of fire and flames and hell and a pitchfork.

The Devil is what we have created in our mind. I remember listening to Marianne Williamson give a lecture one time and she said that she realized one day that there’s no such thing as The Devil… that it’s all in her head. Then she finished that thought with the insight that the Devil in her head is the worse place he could be!

We torture ourselves with our thoughts. The Devil is our obsession. The Devil is our dark side, our flames and pitchforks. The Devil doesn’t control us, that’s why the chains are lose. We are the ones who decide if we will be enslaved by those dark thoughts, we can take the chains off at any time. We are the ones who make the call. Do we look at the darkness? Do we obsess and torture ourselves? Do we create hell on earth, hell in our head? Or do we remove the chains and create what we really want.

As soon as we realize that we are the ones enslaving ourselves then we can free ourselves from that bondage. There is no Devil. There is no one putting us in bondage, we do it to ourselves. How? We do it with our thinking. As you think, so shall you be my friends. If you continue to think torture some thoughts, then we will continue to get further and further into the flaming hell of our minds. We can stop those thoughts, douse them with some cool water, meditate or take a nap and pick up the thinking that feels better.


I’m writing this article because I pulled The Devil card today. Guilty. I did it and I know that my thoughts are getting a little fiery and painful. I also pulled a future tense card… The 9 of Swords, which is the “up all night” card in my book. If I keep thinking this way the stress is going to get bigger and uglier… and probably keep me up all night. Go figure.

As soon as you see this card don’t take it as a bad sign. Just thank it for being the giant reminder that it is. Don’t put yourself  into that bondage… unless you want to

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