The Wheel of Life

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

When I think of the symbolism of the Wheel, a few things come to mind. The first of those is the song Wheel by John Mayer… perfectly complimenting the second thing that comes to my mind which is The Wheel card in my precious Tarot deck.

The Wheel – Dreaming Way Tarot


The Wheel is movement. It’s all about things going the way they are supposed to go. It’s acceptance, it’s progress, it’s sometimes rocky and bumpy, sometimes it’s smooth and steady, but it’s always perfect.
The Wheel says that we can go forward, that we can go with the flow. We aren’t stagnant, we aren’t sitting in the past, we are evolving. The Wheel has been the basis for so many things, think of the expression “reinventing the wheel”… this idea that it’s all been done before.

And it has…

Everything has been done before, and it will be done again. There are different aspects in every experience we have, for each of us is creating something specific to our life. John Mayer says in his song Wheel, “I won’t be the last to love her” – following up at the end of the song, “no you won’t be the first to love me.”
Our wheels never end. Kind of an obvious statement but think about it for a second. Life is a series of events, happening second by second. Things come in and then they go. We give birth to babies who will one day have their own babies, who will love women and men who will continue the cycle.

The Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot is a neutral card. It says that life is constantly moving forward, constantly changing and always – ALWAYS – going in the right direction. No matter what happens in your experience, it’s part of your journey, it’s the road you’re meant to be on. It’s you accepting where you are, embracing it and using it to continue where you are going.
One of my meditation teachers says, life is peaks and valleys. A true statement. And adding to that is the mantra, this too shall pass. We are always moving, ever changing, our happiness will pass and so will our pain. John Mayer says, ‘you can’t love too much one part of it’ because none of this life is permanent.

The Wheel reminds us of the cycles of our life, never ending, always growing and reminding us to live each moment with love as we gracefully and peacefully move into the next phase.

(Check out this link for the beautiful song Wheel by John Mayer)


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