My Need to Read

I believe that doing the things you are passionate about is  essential to your life. Every single person on the planet, every single day, should do something that makes them happy.

Sometimes it may feel like it’s impossible to find something every day. Some days the circumstances may not feel like they’re there to help you out. All the more reason to do what makes you feel good.
Hear me out.

We moved to Virginia February 27th 2017. We’ve been here for just over 4 months and yesterday was a big step for me, because I did something I totally love doing.

A woman called me on Monday interested in a Tarot reading. What normally would have been a short 10 minute conversation about how my readings work, the when and the where –  turned into a 40 minute conversation about Tarot, Coaching, her current situation, her fascination with cards and several other subjects in between.

Yesterday evening I showed up at a Norfolk coffee shop that I’m pretty happy with. I mentioned to the barista what we’d be doing with the Tarot reading and she was intrigued. A few minutes later my new friend from the phone arrived with her husband. She advised me in advance that her husband was going to accompany her, that he was there more to observe and was pretty skeptical of Tarot and the like.
That’s great I told her!

And I meant it! (l love skeptics :))

We all sat down with our coffee, tea and pastries and got to shuffling.
I read her cards and every single one made perfect sense to her. One had a really big impact on her as well, a belief system that she realized from the reading that she has held and is beneficial to her life. She turned to her husband when we were done and asked for his thoughts.
I told him nothing he could say would hurt my feelings, and he agreed that the reading was insightful to her situation but that he didn’t fully understand how the readings worked.
Then he agreed to a reading.

What happened next was awesome. Every card, he nodded in agreement. He had no reason to try and please me, he had nothing to prove,  he could have just as easily told me none of them made any sense and that his skepticism was justified.
But they did make sense.
And they helped.

We left the coffee shop and I was smiling. Happy for the interaction, thrilled with the conversations that took place and happy that one more person was positively influenced by a reading.

Doing the things you love is essential. For me, Tarot is essential. Why though? Well…  I’ve felt a huge gap since moving to Virginia because I haven’t done a lot of card readings for people. I love what I do and when it’s not a part of my daily routine I feel like something is missing. A lot of my struggle is finding a place where my work is accepted and people are happy to use my services.
But this should not be an excuse not to do it everyday.
For a while I was pulling cards for myself everyday. It got to be a bit overwhelming, but I felt such a desire to read everyday that I used myself as an outlet. I love to learn from what the cards teach. I feel so much hope and insight when I read Tarot that it’s become a huge part of me. 

I’ve been told before that if you love to do something, just keep doing it because it will get bigger. If you love to paint, paint every single day for as long as you can. If you love to sing, sing all the time… in the shower, on the streets, in your car, on a stage. If you love to play guitar, it doesn’t matter if there is anyone to hear your music, what matters is that you play and that you love every minute you are playing.

For me, I love reading cards. I love even more when I have an audience, but I know that what matters the most is that I continue to read and do it every day. The more I shine the light on how much I love doing them the bigger it will get in my life.

I was so happy to work with my client and her husband yesterday because it reminded me of how happy I am when I’m reading cards. I left that session feeling inspired and fulfilled. It’s never about getting paid for me, as great as that is… it’s about how I feel when I’m able to help and the insight and wisdom that comes from the cards.

I stumbled upon this awesome quote, I’ll leave you with.
“We lose ourselves in the things we love.
We find ourselves there, too.”
Kristin Martz

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