Total Freedom

Freedom is free.
Although it is sometimes hard to remember this concept or to even believe it. We have been accustomed to thinking that we are all paying for our freedom, sacrificing and selling ourselves, obeying the rules that society has enforced… that’s simply not true.

The freedom I’m referring to though is not what most think of as freedom.
I’m talking about our freedom to think.
Our minds and spirits are free and in turn, we are free.

Freedom has become a mission of the mind for me. It’s become more of an awareness of where my thoughts are lingering. Today for example, my mind was off on a tangent thinking about some really morbid things, situations that I didn’t want to happen, but my head was wrapped up in rumination and I fell victim to a future I didn’t want but was actively creating.

What happened next is the definition of freedom. I changed my thinking. I slowly stopped where my thoughts were going and a voice in my head began asking questions about what it was that I DID WANT. I consciously changed the channel. I slowed the momentum of what wasn’t wanted and began moving the momentum into a direction that was more optimistic, things I did want to see, things that were more exciting to think about and then I began acting on those thoughts.

We think that there is someone controlling us. We think it’s the government, we think it’s these laws, we think it’s our partner, or our kids, or 24 hours of time, or our boss. It’s not.

It’s us that controls us. A few weeks ago I wrote about The Devil card in the Tarot, and what that card actually symbolizes. It talks about obsession and focus on the dark side, but it emphasizes the fact that the chains around the humans being “controlled” are loose, and can be removed at any time.

We’re so free we can choose bondage. We can choose whether we want to be free or not. There is no one who can tell us to stop thinking a certain way, there’s no one who can enter the vastness of our mind and our imagination and put into effect laws and limitations of what can and can’t be thought of.

The mind is infinite, the mind is what creates our life, our reality is made by our thinking. If we limit how we think, we limit the infinite possibility of our amazing creative powers.
The people who know how to harness their minds are the ones who are totally free.

You have a choice every second of every minute of every day.
What do you want to think about?
The mind is infinite and when put to good use can create a life of freedom… or a life of bondage.

You’re free to choose 🙂

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