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Owning Your Vibration

I used to fall asleep in Science class. I took Chemistry in high school and honestly that used to knock me right out. I did okay in Biology, okay in Earth Science… but there is a very small part of me that enjoys science.

However, I remember sitting in my seat when we were learning about atoms and particles, about energy and vibrations… and trying to wrap my mind around the concept that every single “thing” that is material is made up of these tiny particles… which are made up mostly of energy and space. They are also always doing vibration dances which is what keeps them aligned with each other.

Now this is my dulled down version, like I said, science isn’t really my thing!

However, I do know that what I have just described is what has been causing me immense interest in spirituality and the power of thought.

If you look at a manifested person, who is made up of particles, atoms, and energy… that means that this person is putting out energy based on the energy that is flowing inside of them.
And what is energy? It’s a force. It’s invisible. It cannot be destroyed, but it can be changed and influenced.
It can also be felt… and that is incredibly important.

Love is energy. Peace is energy. Anger is energy. Fear, sadness… they’re all feelings and we cannot see them because they are energy. Energy causes manifestations.

If the cells in your body are being influenced by something peaceful, then you are radiating and vibrating peace. That is why I spent about an hour this morning in meditation, focusing on peace. The cells in my body are now vibrating at a peaceful level. They are relaxed, calm, trusting and kind because I deliberately influenced them to vibrate at the energy level of peace… through my thinking.

It works both ways. If you get up late for work because your alarm didn’t go off, you are going to vibrate at stress (probably). If you are vibrating at stress right out of bed, then you will continue to attract stress to you. This is what energy does, it is very attractive. Our molecular composition says that energy that vibrates at a certain level will continue to draw that to itself. Energy doesn’t know what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, wanted or unwanted, it just knows to keep drawing to itself. So you are vibrating stress right out of bed, what else do you draw in? Your partner is also late in bed next to you, so you wake him up with a startled shake. Now he’s stressed. You swing open the kids door and yell to them to get ready quick for school. Now they have stress. Now you try to hop in the shower and you’re out of shampoo and conditioner.
You see where this is going?
And it’s been a matter of about 2 or 3 minutes.

You can stop this trajectory. If you are conscious of what is happening, you have the power to change it. First you need to look at how you feel. If you feel peaceful or happy with where you are then you let that momentum continue. If you find yourself in the situation above where a faulty alarm clock caused a morning of chaos then you need to decide that you’re going to interrupt the pattern.

Stop whatever it is that you are doing. Deliberately acknowledge that your internal state of stress is what has caused it to manifest into upset children, an upset partner and nothing to wash your hair with. Knowledge is power and if you know what you’re vibrating then you now know that you can change it.
How do you know what you’re vibration is?
Well, how do you feel?

Sit down, close your eyes and just go inward. See your body, see the cells of your body quickly vibrating to meet your stress and slow them down. Talk to them, remind them of the place you feel most peaceful. Go there in your mind. Breathe in deeply and exhale. Slow down for a minute and deliberately change your vibration.

The world that we live in externally is a chaotic vibratory field to put it mildly. If you look at all of the things that we have around us that can spark a reaction, we are being bombarded all day every day. But… we are choosing to react. We are the ones with all of the power my friend. No one is thinking your thoughts for you. And just by quietly reminding yourself of how you want to feel, is powerful.

This is why many are finally realizing the power of meditation. Meditation helps to calm the mind. And when the mind is peaceful and calm, it is more receptive to the ideas we give it.
Imagine a calm lake, not a wave or a ripple in sight. Then imagine picking up a stone, maybe a stone of love, and dropping it into the lake. Now the mind (lake) has the idea of love, and love is rippling out touching everything, changing the energy of the mind, drawing love to itself. Love is energy, and energy is attracted to itself… so naturally love will seek itself.

Our thinking is probably the most important tool that we have as humans. Thought is the root of everything that has ever been and ever will be. But if we are constantly falling victim to our thoughts, letting them control us, being swayed and influenced and reacting to the world around us, we become slaves to thought.

We realize that we are the driver. We are powerful. We are creators. We get to decide what we think and what we want in our life. We are always and have always been free to think, and that is the most powerful freedom anyone can possess. Consciousness and awareness are the beginnings of a more peaceful life. We are always offering some sort of energy vibration, let’s now embrace the fact that it’s up to us to decide what that is.

Happy thinking my friends!

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