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A Story of Now

Recently I learned how to do a new type of Tarot spread a few weeks ago that I’m really enjoying. This spread is called the Romany spread and what it does is goes through 7 cards about the past influence, 7 cards about what is going on in our current situation and 7 more cards about what is coming up.

I’m sharing with you today a spread I did for myself…
However, I believe that we are attracted to things that help us, so if you are reading this, there is a good chance it’s for you or someone you can help.

When doing this type of spread, you can look at it any way… you could look at the 7 cards as days of the week… you could look at them as hours, or you don’t have to look at them in any specific time frame at all. All Tarot is is a way to tell a story by card interpretation. This spread is suggesting that the story goes as follows:

Past Influence:

7 of Swords Reversed – Facing the truth. No longer running from a situation that seems to keep bringing itself up.
High Priestess Reversed – Feeling unwise. Feeling like the truth lies out there somewhere and that she’s unable to access it. Not using the feminine wisdom that rests within.
Queen of Swords Reversed – A woman who is overly sharp with herself. She is cutting and intense intellectually with herself therefore it radiates out toward others. She is using her mind to do damage.
Magician Reversed – Believing that everything is up to fate. Not using the circumstances around you as a platform to create something brand new. You are NEVER DOOMED TO ANYTHING you don’t want to be.
Five of Pentacles Reversed – Someone who is trying to drag themselves out of despair. Things are hard right now and we are moving through a difficult time financially and health wise.
Queen of Cups Reversed – A woman who is starting to become overly emotional, whether she is too intense and full of emotion she can’t handle, or she has become numb to the things going on around her, she is struggling with her intuition and her inner emotions.
Page of Pentacles Reversed – Someone who is trying to make things better. Someone who is aware that they want to learn more or do more for their family but they are still struggling. Someone that has great intentions but they aren’t sure if they are doing things “right”.

Current Situation:

Four of Cups Reversed – There is a blessing in all of this. There is something here that is going to help. Even though we have a lot of attention on what is disappointing, there is something right next to us that we know is incredibly beneficial.
Queen of Pentacles – A woman who is grounded and stable in all things related to her earth, her home, her finances. A successful woman who is an incredible manifesto and creator.
Strength – Strength over the mind, over the thoughts and with the emotions. Controlling and understanding the emotional and mental strength and in turn controlling and working with the external forces that surround you.
Temperance Reversed – Questioning your emotions. Wondering if you are still in balance. Feeling like you are not maintaining the emotional state you want to and being unsure of how to go forward.
The Moon Reversed – Things are beginning to become more clear. The shadows are starting to lift and you are in a place where you are beginning to see things for what they really are and who they really are. More certainty coming into the light.
Ace of Pentacles Reversed – Feeling like there is something missing. Feeling like there are things needed to go forward. Not realizing that you already have everything you need. YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED.
Knight of Cups Reversed – Someone who can no longer look only at what they want. A person who is being sucked into the chaos a bit. Unable to keep the peace and looking at things that are a bit more uncomfortable.

Future Influence:

Seven of Cups Reversed – Having too many options that it is beginning to feel incredibly overwhelming. Not able to make a decision because of the fear of making the wrong decision.
Two of Cups Reversed – Being out of harmony with someone, or with the self. At a crossroads. Unable to get on the same page. Wanting to be in sync but struggling to see eye to eye.
Four of Wands Reversed – Being in an uncomfortable situation. Not being able to enjoy an event that should be celebrated. The potential for a wonderful outcome but not realizing it.
The Star Reversed – Feeling like the Universe is testing you. There is something wonderful if you will just sit back and let yourself be guided. You have to just be still and let things come to you, know that the blessings are flowing and know you have the choice to see them.
Three of Pentacles Reversed – Someone who is working diligently but is feeling like they need to cut out on their own. Someone who is advancing and wants to be treated as a professional and not critiqued all the time.
Ace of Cups Reversed – The beginning of a new emotion. Someone who is now able to tap into new emotional and psychic energy but they are not realizing it. Challenging the ability to harness the positive flow of love and emotional power… relax into it.
Three of Wands Reversed – A person who is ready to head out in the direction of their dreams, but they hesitate. Someone who has a beautiful bright future ahead of them with a rainbow promising success yet they are unable to move yet. IMG_2581

Look Inside Yourself (card pulled from Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Fairies deck)

The answers are inside of you because your spirit is inside of you. The answers aren’t even in the cards in front of you because they are external. They are pointing you to look inside. Everything you want, everything you need to keep you fulfilled is inside because it is an emotion that you seek, the emotion of peace, the emotion of knowing, of trust, of love. There is nothing in the outside world that will give you those emotions without you first knowing how to find them within.


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