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My Love to Louise

Yesterday an incredible woman left this planet. Louise Hay died in her sleep at the amazing age of 90 years. She was known as the mother of self help, an inspirational pioneer who got her start publishing her own little leaflets and teaching people some of the most basic and highly forgotten lessons of life,… Continue reading My Love to Louise


This is SO Important.

You know, usually when I write it's right after I meditate in the morning, when my thoughts are flowing, happily... purely, freely and with a lot of inspiration. This is different now. I don't usually write from this state of mind but I think it's so important that something is said. We do not have… Continue reading This is SO Important.

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Break Through by Destruction

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep. I was lying in bed trying to relax but my mind just wouldn’t shut down. I kept thinking about the book I’m reading in my studio that was waiting for me, thinking I could get myself to calm down by reading for a bit. At 12:04 am I got… Continue reading Break Through by Destruction

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August Fire

Last week in Virginia we were blessed with a 'cool spell'... yup, it was like 82 degrees outside instead of high 90's. I was enjoying the day with a girlfriend and her daughter, walking through these amazing botanical gardens in Norfolk VA where I live. We were talking about how perfect the weather was, no… Continue reading August Fire


My Wish

The past several weeks have allowed me the time to go deep within myself and really understand what it is that I wish to see in my life. For a long time I wished for success, for prosperity, for connections and advancement. This is normal I think as I am very similar to a lot… Continue reading My Wish

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Embrace Your Mastery

Several weeks ago I attended a weekend long meditation retreat at a beautiful location in the Catskill Mountains of NY state called The Peace Village. The retreat was incredible. It was focused on finding inner peace and inner power, and the method to get us there was appropriately through meditation. For about 36 hours or… Continue reading Embrace Your Mastery

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Making Peace with Where We Are

Where are you in your life right now? Look around you. Are you sitting at your desk at a job that you love? Are you the parent of little children who love and respect you... who make you laugh and smile? Do you have the funds to do what you want when you want it?… Continue reading Making Peace with Where We Are