My Wish

The past several weeks have allowed me the time to go deep within myself and really understand what it is that I wish to see in my life.

For a long time I wished for success, for prosperity, for connections and advancement. This is normal I think as I am very similar to a lot of people who think the purpose in life is to accumulate and be respected by their peers. We are trained to reach higher, to work hard, to struggle, to suffer, to overcome obstacles and it’s in these triumphs that we grow as people and prove our worth to the outside world.

Now I’m understanding that this external reaching is a almost a trap. We are creatures of change and evolution. We are meant to grow and move forward, and we will always be doing just that, naturally. But it’s so easy to get sucked into the chaos of trying to prove ourselves to society. I have to remind myself multiple times a day to put my phone in a drawer or I’ll never put it down. I hear it buzzing and reminding me of what the world is thinking… and then I fork over all of my own freedom. We forget what it was like to be free. We forget how to be with our friends, how to have a conversation, how to love, how to be a person.

There’s a song called, Let There Be Peace on Earth by Vince Gill – that has been in my head for several days now. The line “let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me”… these words have been running in my head over and over.

That is my wish.
I wish for peace.
I know it is possible.

I wish that we could look around this planet, this BEAUTIFUL, huge, abundant planet and see each other. I wish that we could set our differences aside,  that we could look at war and lay down our guns and realize that we are ALL people. These are our brothers and our sisters and they are as worthy of love as we are. And WE ARE ALL worthy of love. I wish that we could know that. I wish that every day when we wake up, we wake up with appreciation for another day on this earth.

I wish that we would all prosper. I wish that we understood that there is no lack in the world, that we could fully grasp this idea because when we know no lack, we live abundantly. When we know no lack we are all full. I wish that we looked at each other with generosity, knowing that the more we give to others the happier we are.

I wish that we understood love. I wish that we knew that there is no ownership in love, that we understood that love is an unconditional emotion. I wish that we loved each other enough to know that if you love someone, you allow freedom. If you love someone, you wish for them all the things you wish for yourself. I wish that we allowed each other to be exactly as we are and loved specifically for our authenticity.
I wish that we knew no labels.
That all we saw was love.

I wish that we were kinder, that we had no need for weapons. I wish that we were kind to our planet, kind to animals, kind to plants, kind to our oceans, kind to our human peers, our friends, our family.

I wish there was no competition because we understand there is no lack. I wish we all fully knew and embraced the fact that we are here with divine gifts. That we fully understood and accepted our greatness. I wish that we woke every day honoring who WE ARE and knowing that there is not another soul on the planet that ever has been or ever will be that has the gift that we have.
That it’s our job to give to the world.
I wish we shared openly our gifts.

Maybe the most important thing I wish is that we would put our attention on our wishes and dreams. I wish that instead of focusing on the hardships, instead of intensifying all the negativity, all the hurt, all the violence and hatred in the world, that we amplified the love, the kindness, the generosity, and the peace.

We are living in a great time of communication, and a time of massive awareness and awakening. We have the resources to shift out of the haze, out of the shadows and the darkness and into the joy, the light and the love.

I wish above all things that we spread peace.
Not by boycotting hatred, but by embracing the good, the light, the love and the joy of the world.

If you have love, you share it.
If you have joy and peace, you spread it.
If you have kindness, you bring your kindness out to the world that is craving it, and you scatter it everywhere and anywhere.

Let there be peace on earth my friends, and it will begin with all of us.

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