This is SO Important.

You know, usually when I write it’s right after I meditate in the morning, when my thoughts are flowing, happily… purely, freely and with a lot of inspiration.
This is different now.
I don’t usually write from this state of mind but I think it’s so important that something is said.

We do not have to live in this pain.
Our country, our beautiful home is in a torturous place and it is seriously up to us, ALL OF US to get out of this shit storm.
Pardon my french.
We have forgotten that we are all free. We are FREE DAMMIT. We are free because we have the freedom to think and to choose what we think about.
There is no one holding us hostage, pointing a gun at us telling us we have to think a certain way… yet we have given all of our freedom up. We sit there marinating on Facebook, sit there steaming and hating, demanding that THEY all be different. YOU BE DIFFERENT! Do you know who you can change? That’s right. No one. You change you. You do you. If you hate the president, then don’t think about it! Seriously! Your power comes from where you put your attention. If you clench and hurt (which I do) when you see things that are painful in our world, then you shift your thinking by thinking about what feels good.

Society has to wake the f*** up.
We ALL do. We ALL have to do this. The reason things are so bad right now is because we are all hating each other and that just divides us further and further. It turns us against each other as we sit there and think that our neighbor is different because he’s white, or black, or purple. We think we’re divided, that we’re different. We think that they don’t want peace. EVERYONE WANTS PEACE. EVERYONE. But the battle we’re fighting is not a battle of who is wrong and who is right…who screwed up by voting the wrong way, or by not voting at all. The battle is emotional. The battle is a battle of the mind and the thinking. If you think you have enemies, you probably will create them in your world.

We have the choice guys. Seriously. We all have the choice to stand together and unite, to hold hands with our friends, to pray with our community no matter their religion, race or political background. We have the choice to stare at this big friggan mess we made and make it bigger and uglier which is a possibility. I don’t know about you but I sure as hell don’t want to see things get worse. I don’t want to see bloodshed. I don’t want to hear about hatred when I log in to my Facebook account… I want to see pictures of weddings and babies and sunsets.

You are either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution.
Look at our teachers, Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Teresa… you know what they did? They loved, they were peaceful and THAT is the power that will heal this planet.
It’s easy to forget.
I know.
But here, I’m reminding you.
What kind of wake up call do you want?

Let’s all stop protesting. Let’s stop boycotting. Let’s stop demanding everyone else be different. Seriously. No one is going to change for you and they shouldn’t have to! My meditation teacher says “you transform the world by transforming yourself”. That’s all you have control over.

I can try. I can try to bring the idea of peace to the light, but honestly this post is for me to remember what I stand for. If I change anyone’s mind that’s great… but mostly I just need to remember that I  don’t hate anyone. That I love everyone and everyone is worthy of that. And if you disagree, who am I to try to change your mind.

A friend asked me the other day how it was ever possible to love your enemy – if we ever really have enemies.
Love the ones who are easy to love.
Try this:
Do you feel better when you hug your spouse? Do you feel better when you pet your cat/dog? Do you feel better when your toddler kisses you goodnight and tells you they love you? Do you feel better when you sit under a tree, or watch a sunset, or just sit and sip a cup of coffee? Yup. Because there is love and peace in that.

Let’s do this.
Let’s shift the direction of our country.
I believe in peace and I KNOW I’m not wrong.


1 thought on “This is SO Important.”

  1. Sarah,

    Thank you for your beautiful and so relevant piece. I love reading your work because it’s always spot on. Keep sharing the good things in life.



    Liked by 1 person

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