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Emotionally Activated – Magically Created!

For about 3 months now I’ve been working with the amazing people over at Transformation Radio FM… an awesome internet radio group helping people change their lives.

On 10/10/17 at 10am pacific time (or 1pm est) the first episode of Natural Peace Radio will be airing!
Yours truly along with Dr. Pat Baccili – the owner/creator of Transformation Radio and my awesome co-host – will spend an hour discussing all the ins and outs of Natural Peace Living… including coaching, Tarot advice, signs from the Universe and so many experiences that we’ve had and learned from. We’ll be taking calls from you guys and helping however we can!

I am beyond elated for this experience.
Anyone who knows my story knows that I was changed by listening to awesome Coaches and spiritual practitioners on the radio. This is my way of giving back what helped me and I’m so excited to begin this journey. I have been working with the crew at Transformation Radio for several weeks and have the green light that it’s time to reach the world with my message. I’m here for you all, to learn and teach… because that’s what we’re here for right??

Thank you to my family, my clients – past, present and future … thank you to everyone who has touched my life… I hope I can share all I know with you.
And now…thank you to my mentor, my support, my cheer leader, and my new Co-Host… Dr. Pat Baccilli. You have created the outlet for me and my vision so I can help and be helped by all the amazing souls who are ready to transform their lives.

Tune in to Natural Peace Radio on Tuesday, October 10th at 1pm(est) on the Transformation Radio Network…
Learn how we create these amazing lives we want by activating our emotions!
More info here!


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