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I just sat for some time in meditation and this word came up:

It’s a beautiful word and as I was listening to it in my mind over and over it began to gather momentum and definition and show me options of how it is valid in my life, and in the lives of those around me… in all of us.

Last week was my premiere show Natural Peace Radio co-hosted with Dr. Pat Bacilli of Transformation Radio. The show was wonderful. It was a work in progress for us for several months and finally came to fruition. One thing I realized during the segment was that no matter how much you prepare for things like public speaking or an hour long radio segment, you have to be able to go with the flow and the direction the conversation moves. The conversation eventually led me to discuss the idea of limitations, and limitlessness.

One thing that is so important to being a Life Coach is embracing a persons limitlessness. I think that is what sets us apart… because we hold a client in the space that they want to be in, we see them there, we see how able they are to have all that they want in life, AND WAY MORE.
We, as humans, are conditioned to be mediocre. We want ‘the American Dream’, we want what our neighbors have, we do as we’re told, we teach our kids the things they are supposed to learn, and we instill all of these old beliefs that there are wrongs and rights, and there are limitations.

You know the saying, “the sky’s the limit”…
The sky is the limit because the sky has no end. It is space and air and space and air are infinite.
Our limitations are infinite.
Our limitations are self imposed.

I wrote a few months ago about one of my favorite books, “Illusions” by Richard Bach. There is a quote in that book that says ‘argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.’
Think about that. What sort of limitations do you put on yourself on a daily basis?
How about on an hourly basis?
They could be as simple as not eating meat, or not having coffee after 4pm to the limiting belief that you are a bad person and not worthy of love.
imageMost of us are carrying around several little limits, and a large percentage of us are carrying around some of these huge limiting beliefs… like we aren’t worthy of love, or worthy of prosperity, or that there is no gain without pain.
The problem is that none of these limitations are true, and they hinder how we live our life.
I said on the show last week… most of us are holding on to some goals, and we think that we want them done a certain way. We have big ideas, plans, hopes and dreams and that someday maybe we’ll be lucky enough to receive what we want. But what we fail to realize is that the Universe is well aware of these dreams and that the things we want, are actually WAY bigger and amazing than what we limit ourselves to wanting.

For example…
I want a new (to me) car. I want a 2010 or newer teal colored Subaru Forester. I tell myself that I want this car because in my head I’ve justified that that is what I can probably afford. I have put a limitation on myself because of my experience, because of my belief system about what is a reasonable price point for me, and what I ACTUALLY need instead of allowing myself to want a brand new, fully loaded teal Subaru Forester.

Now this is just a simple example.
Look at your life and look at what you want… most of us know to some degree what we want, but a lot of the time we can’t even get specific because the voice of reason will chime in and remind us of the limitations we’ve set up and all the reasons we’re not worthy of having those things.

I’m here to remind you, (and remind myself) – we are truly limitless. We forget that we are blessed beings with powerful minds and imaginations. We have to remember that these tools are our strongest power and that we are free to want (and HAVE!) whatever we want – WITHOUT LIMITS.

When I begin working with a client, the first question I usually bring up is what they want to get out of a Coaching relationship. This question will be changing constantly, because our desires are changing constantly. They may see themselves with the limitations on – I see them as infinite. I see them as able to create anything they want in their life, and it’s my work to hold that space for them.
And sooner or later, they all get what they want, AND MORE.

The Universe is infinite, powerful and all knowing.
Do you want to live arguing for your limitations or do you want to know that the sky is truly the limit.



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