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Dear Santa,

Several years ago, without really knowing it, I started a tradition for myself.

My husband had been carrying our little family and was out of work. He was stressed to the brim and doing all he could to try and put on a brave face. We were getting government assistance just to make ends meet and the only gifts we had that year were a collection of things we had found for our 3 year old over the course of a few months. New pajamas, a few little toys, lots of things wrapped for her… and we began to find peace.
I was 9 months pregnant and scared. Not unlike another woman we pay attention to this time of year. With a baby growing in my belly and some pretty limited resources, I sat down on the couch around 1 am and wrote a letter to Santa Claus.

We were lucky enough to have a Christmas tree and the warm glow of the lights brought me a great deal of comfort.
I didn’t really know how to start my letter, but I began first in appreciation. Thanking for the things in my life that I did have. Family, support, love, a healthy self and baby coming in a few weeks.
As I began writing… I felt myself drift out of the picture and begin asking for things I normally wouldn’t realize.
I always encourage my friends and family to write to Santa. Not because we are hoping so much for a new computer or cashmere sweater. What I have found in these letters is that I am very authentic with myself, and with what I am asking for.
That first letter, I asked for stability. I asked for a better financial situation for my family, for the resources we needed, for a comfortable home to bring our infant home to.
And I got all of that.

Last year, I found myself asking for strength, for courage, for growth and again, more improvement in our home life and financial resources.
I got all of that as well.

This year, I asked for love. To be able to give and receive love easily and effortlessly. To see love in my days before I see the absence of love. I also asked for a deeper understanding of spirit, the Universe… God. So that I can build upon my connection and utilize that power in my life. That I can have concrete and solid faith in the powers that guide my life.

I encourage all to sit down and ceremoniously ask Santa to help, to bring what you want most this year. You’re sure to receive it.

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