Angels Among Us

When I was a little girl my family had some traditions at Christmas-time that we always held on to. My mom, sister and I would always decorate a big live Christmas tree in the corner of our little apartment living room. Our trees were always beautiful. My sister and I loved sorting through the ornaments, all these sweet little trinkets, each with its own story. I can still remember the smell of balsam and the warm glow from the tiny colored lights.

The focal point of our trees was Angelique, the pretty porcelain angel that would always end up on the top of the tree to watch over us during the Holidays. I loved her. Kaitlyn, my sister, and I would hold her… playing with her pretty pale blue lace dress… treating her more like a doll than a Holiday decoration.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen Angelique. I’m not sure where she went honestly… but today she found me again, some 600 miles from where we last met.

I was walking around my favorite shop in Norfolk, the amazing thrift store on Little Creek Road with Felicity today. We were looking for a few odds and ends, mostly just browsing. I voiced to my toddler in the stroller how today we weren’t really finding anything of interest and headed over to the register to purchase the one little dress that would be a good fit for my oldest. As we walked past the Christmas department, a few dolls caught my eye. I wandered over to check them out and stopped dead in my tracks, a lump in my throat. There she was… Angelique, sitting on top of a shelf of Christmas decorations, with a $2.99 tag tied around her wrist.
I could have cried.

I took a quick iphone photo of the angel and sent it to my mom in NY, with the caption “I found her in my favorite shop!”My mom responded telling me that she had just a few minutes ago finished listening to the Alabama Christmas CD, and the song ‘Angels Among Us‘ was still fresh in her head.

This year has been intense to say the least, with the Holidays right around the corner, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress that so many of us are carrying.
But Spirit works with us when we are paying attention to the signs and is always trying to remind us to find peace.
Today, literally, an angel found me… bringing up cherished memories from my younger years, reminding me that Christmas can’t be bought on sale at Macy’s… but can only be harnessed when we slow down enough to see that there are little miracles all around our beautiful lives.

I have tears in my eyes as I type this story for all of you today because I, like many, believe in messages, signs and not so much in random coincidences. The Universe delivered to me an angel, a token to remind me that what I really want for Christmas is a feeling of peace, reminders of love and tradition. I see now that there are always Angels among us if we just open our eyes.



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