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The Message of 1.8.18

I have always been fascinated by number sequences. Many of us have heard that if the clock reads 11:11 you should make a wish because there are angels nearby.

When my youngest was born, she was a scheduled C-Section. As my doctor and I sat and discussed dates for the operation I asked about the possibility of her delivery being on January 11, 2016. I thought how cool it would be to have a baby born on 1/11/16… with all those neat 1 sequences! Well… little did I know that Felicity had her own agenda. By January 1st 2016, I was in a lot of pain and my doctor decided to perform the C-Section earlier. They scheduled me for January 6th… 2016. So her birthday would now be 1/6/16. Way “cooler” than 1/11/16 in my opinion!
If that wasn’t enough… Felicity decided to put an extra spin on her cool number birthday and was born at 8:08 in the morning. In military time, which is how it was recorded on her birth chart, it read that Felicity Noelle
I get a kick out of this stuff.

So today is 1/8/18 and I feel the energy of another fascinating number sequence.
If I start to see numbers appearing in order then my first step is to go over to Google and check out what they may be telling me.
One of my favorite sites is Joanne Sacred Scribes and her incredible Angel Number interpretations.

Back in September I began scheduling my monthly radio shows with Transformation Radio Network. As I sat down with my calendar, I realized that I wanted to do a show on 1/8/18. I just got offline with the amazing Dr. Pat and the messages were all the same from todays show. There are some profound new opportunities taking place on this magical 18 (x 2!) day.

Looking at 1818 this is a day for striving forward. When we look at the number 1, we see the sign of new beginnings. This is why January is so full of new opportunity for many of us. We see the New Year and are ready to begin with a fresh clean slate. 1’s are all about creation, what our intentions are for the coming months and the knowing that we have a new opportunity every morning that we wake up.
The number 8 talks all about our infinite potential, our abundance, our Karma. What we put out will come back to us. If you turn 8 sideways, you are given the profound infinity symbol… showing us that we can create anything, that we are never ending in all aspects of our life. Our thoughts are infinite and so are the creations that come from our thoughts.

Today there is energy in the air because of this strong number sequence, that is also very unique. 1/8/18 will happen only once and it would be wise to sit for a few minutes and listen to the message the Universe is trying to send us with this sequence. Numbers hold energy just like everything that surrounds us does.
We are always receiving messages from the unseen world around us, it’s up to us to listen!

Happy 1/8/18!!



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