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Letting the Lions Out

I am a vivid dreamer. I dream in color and I dream multiple sequences every night. I remember a lot some mornings, and some mornings my dreams fade if I don’t diligently tell myself to remember them. Some nights I’m awakened by a message to follow through with the next morning, sometimes my dreams feel like complete nonsense.

My last blog post, just yesterday, was about a message coming from my dream state, and today is no different.

This morning, I woke in a start wondering what happened to the animals that I had been caring for. In my dream, I was left in charge of several small lions at what seemed to be a rickety petting zoo. I remember thinking to myself that I was not a good choice to be caring for such large and powerful animals and that the enclosures they were in were not strong enough to keep them in. Sure enough, the lions escaped – on my watch. I left my post and found help. Within a short time, the other care takers and I had wrangled all the lions up and we sat with them, rubbing their bellies like you would a playful cat.

I am sharing this story with you because even though it seems to be just an odd dream, it unfolded perfectly throughout the course of my day.
No… I didn’t encounter any REAL lions…
But –

Every day I use an app on my phone that gives me a horoscope rundown for the day and pulls three Tarot cards, for the past, present and future. Today, the card that was pulled for my future was The Strength card.

The Strength card features a beautiful woman petting a lion who appears to be quite playful and infatuated with the woman.
The card is full of powerful meaning. Whenever I see this card, it tells me that there is a major lesson taking place with the strength of my thinking. The woman in the card has the infinity sign over her head. Why? Because she knows her thoughts are infinite. She knows that it is the quality of her thinking that will manifest the world around her.
And the lion?
Well… he is symbolic of the primitive and sometimes beastly thoughts and actions that we are all guilty of at one point or another in our lives. The point of this card is that this woman, and her strong and infinite thoughts, are capable of taming the beast. She knows that power isn’t necessarily something that you get by lifting weights at the gym, but real power – lasting power, comes from the infinite power of your thoughts. When your thoughts are strong, kind, loving, then the lion will roll over submissively and let you tame it.

Today I gave Tarot readings at a store my sister manages in Albany and set up a table to read cards all day. I love doing events like this and I am always thrilled to see the themes that come up with my willing clients and the cards they pull. After doing 7 readings, 6 of them all had The Strength card show up. Several of them had the card pulled in reverse. When the card is reversed, it says that we believe we are weak. We question our self, we doubt and we aren’t able to see our own internal power, and the power of our thoughts.

This morning I pulled The Strength card in my own reading, only to be lead to several more readings all showing this theme. The theme that was also profound in my dream. I doubted my ability to care for the small group of lions I was assigned to. I questioned myself and in turn they escaped. However… they were all recovered and the dream ended quite peacefully with me petting one of the massive beasts, rubbing his belly, happy for the relationship I was building. I learned to have more faith in myself and to understand the power of my thinking.

I see Strength in my daily life. I see where I am being presented the opportunity to doubt, to question my capabilities, to judge myself or others and I see the mental strength it takes to choose otherwise. I realize on a regular basis that it’s my thinking that creates my life, and that I can literally think anything I want on an infinite cycle. I am learning to tame the beast in my head and in my heart, and learning that with loving thoughts comes the absolute Strength that we are all entitled to.

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