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Snow Day

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would pray for a snow day (or two!) anytime the weather forecast called for possible snow accumulation?
Now that I’m working in a school, I’ve found myself – in more ways than one – reverting back to some of my childhood ways.

Today my snow prayers were answered and we were blessed with a precious snow day!

The day was spent sleeping in, then hanging out in warm fleece pj’s for much of the morning and even early afternoon. Then Adelynn and I spent some time curled up under the blankets coloring and listening to music. Later my mother in law made cookie dough with the girls while I enjoyed my coffee.

Probably the highlight of my day though was spending time in the snow.
I personally LOVE snow. I love it.
I love the smell of cold air, the smell of snow. I love the feel of snow… how it is so soft and then gradually disintegrates in your warm hands.  I love the beautiful individual crystals. I think snow is incredibly magical.
I see beauty in the way it almost purifies everything it rests on.

My husband and I took the girls out to play and work on their snow fort for a bit, then when the girls were cold Jeramie brought them in to warm up some.

I decided to venture out and have some private snow time for myself.
My husband and I are living temporarily with his parents – who are blessed with a beautiful 10 acre wooded plot of land in the little village of Galway NY.
I headed off to the trails that meander through their woods, my clunky boots the only tracks in the knee deep snow.

At first my legs were protesting the adventure because of the depth of the snow… but I wasn’t trying to go far. Just far enough to see only nature around me. I walked into the woods and sure enough felt a shift… feeling the trees around me, almost welcoming me. After a few minutes I could no longer see the house behind me, just the open snowy path ahead and sleepy snowy trees and pines surrounding me. About 20 feet off the path I saw a fallen tree that was inviting me to use it for a bench. I trekked over and cleared off a spot and sat.
Snowy silence.

I could feel the flakes catching in my eyelashes, so I closed my eyes.
I listened and heard peace.
I felt the air around me, enveloping me. I felt the trees, watching me gently, accepting me into their territory. It was magical.
When I opened my eyes, I saw the bright pure white snow again in front of me, and again I was reminded of its natural beauty.

I spent about 20 minutes on my makeshift meditation tree before finally deciding to head back to the house. I thanked my surroundings… standing up I was full of appreciation. Appreciation for my family who opened their home up to me… appreciation for this beautiful land, the trees, the snow, the woods. Appreciation for the unexpected day off. The slowing down. The peace that today offered.
Appreciation for it all.

I’m happy to say that after well over 20 years, I still know the value of a Snow Day.

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