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I’m Back

This just seemed to be an appropriate title.
I’m sorry – to all who may care – that I fell off the planet over the past few weeks. Honestly, my laptop was dead and every time the inspiration to sit down and write hit me… I’d sit down and the poor thing would spit and sputter and I’d had enough.

So yesterday my husband took the reins and we went out and bought a fancy new Dell laptop for an AMAZING deal at Best Buy.
It had to be done.
Now I’m happy to say that my fingers are floating over new keys and I’m pretty excited about the bright clear screen that is staring back at me.
It was time.

This morning I woke up in a wonderful mood. I don’t know what hit me. I had breakfast and the thought to go for a walk/mini run entered my mind.

My husband Jeramie used to run Cross Country in High School – the same school that I am now working in. Several years ago, he and I purchased some pricey running sneakers and began running together. This was probably the healthiest period of my life. I was running a 10 minute mile, sometimes even down into the 9 minute range. That was HUGE for me. I hated running as a kid and always joked that I’d only run if I was being chased. Turns out… that’s just not true. I actually really enjoyed running on the track at the high school near our home 7 years ago. I also really loved running to good music… specifically the song Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine. That song did something to me.
Jeramie and I spent many months running and just downright feeling good.
It was no surprise that our healthy habits put me in amazing shape and I soon discovered I was pregnant with my first child.

Such is life and some moms bounce back quicker than others.
It’s been about 6 years give or take and I think I’m finally starting to realize that I want to bounce back.

This morning… I felt like doing something good for my body. I don’t know what came over me but I’m happy I listened to my impulse. I laced up my old running sneakers and was thrilled when Jeramie decided to join me.

I wish I could tell you I easily hopped back into a comfortable jog, but that would be a lie. Instead, I enjoyed the cold spring morning, talking with my husband for about 1/2 a mile. He asked me how far I wanted to go and I told him that I’d go wherever he wanted.  He took off at a comfortable jog and I followed behind in a quick walk.

We put some distance between each other, but it just felt so good to be outside.
When I saw him start jogging my face lit up. Seeing him in that state is like seeing a fish in water. He is a natural runner. He does it well, he does it effortlessly and I was so happy that we were having this experience together.

My mood carried through the day. I stayed so peaceful today, enjoying the slowness of the day, the simple pleasures, the company of my husband, our trek together and even the dim (but still beautiful) scenery on our jog.

sleeping pond

When I pulled my sneakers out today I reinvented an activity I had put to bed years ago. I remembered how good it feels to be in nature, to be with my husband, to care for my body. While I probably won’t be running any marathons in the next few weeks, I feel comfortable saying that my jogging routine is making a comeback.
I realized as I was titling this post how appropriate I’m Back feels. I feel like I’ve been gone for a while. I feel like the sleeping buds and blossoms… some buried under the dirty leaves, others still hiding under a few inches of old snow.
But we are all coming back. The days are longer and there is a lot of hope in daylight.
Things are changing.
Spring is here.
I’m back.

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