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Happy Easter 🙂
I spent a lovely sunny Sunday with my family today enjoying all of the normal Easter traditions… eggs, chocolate, sweets and good company.

As my husband and I drove down to my moms house today we began talking a bit about Easter and some of the pagan traditions and beliefs. I grew up in a house that was pretty good about going to Church on Sundays and I’m familiar with the Christian way of celebrating Easter.
But this year, Easter really struck me from the standpoint of rebirth.

I found a really interesting article here that talks about pagan customs and how they compliment a lot of the Christian beliefs about Easter as well.

However in my own little world, today just felt like a fresh beginning, a new start, a rebirth if you will.
Call me crazy but I pay attention to bits and pieces of astrology and there’s been some intense things going on over the past few days. Currently we are in Mercury retrograde… which influences our communication sector. Mercury, the planet of communication slows its orbit for about 3 weeks, usually 3 times a year. During that time, people may be more prone to misunderstanding each other, running hot and cold emotionally, or just being overly sensitive. It happens, and I know I’m affected to some degree.
So there’s that.
Then, last night we had our 2nd full moon of March, this full moon being a blue moon. The moon also seems to toy with our emotions and is usually a good time to start releasing something that you’re ready to be done with… or a good time to set some intentions for the next month.

So when I woke up this morning to little colorful eggs and saw my moms backyard finally free of snow, I felt spring coming… I felt change coming. I walked around her yard hiding dyed eggs, a sign of fertility… for my daughters. I saw how happy they were in their little dresses, a sure sign that spring is coming soon. I enjoyed the warm sun shining in through the big window in my moms kitchen and realized more and more that I’m ready for the cold to end.

Easter is a time of change, of fertility, of birth and death. The short cold days of winter are becoming more a thing of the past and the sky is staying lighter longer. This is good for our spirits, good for the warming earth. The buds are starting to show, there is growth all around us. There is growth within US. There is growth with our intentions and our own hopes for the warmer months that are coming.

I know there are many things in my life that are growing, changing and maturing. I look around at these pretty little signs of Easter, of new life and I smile at the cheerful promises they bring.

Here’s to many more happy days in the spring sun.

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