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The Magician

This year around December 31st I purchased a new calendar to hang for the next 12 months. I was so excited to take home my brand new Tarot themed calendar, full of different cards, decks, illustrations and interpretations. I loved the idea of each month being designated to a unique card, and also being able to get to know new decks without having to purchase them all!

When I turned the page from May to June, I was immersed in beautiful red and gold and the most creative card of the deck in front of me… The Magician.

The Magician is the card of endless possibilities. What a perfect sign to see on June 1st…
Then to compliment this card, I get an email. Every week, with my subscription to BiddyTarot.com (the most amazing Tarot website on the internet…) comes an email on Sunday afternoon advising of the ‘card for the week’.
Well don’t you know…
The Magician wiggled his way in again!

So what does this card have to say?

The Magician is an alchemist. He knows no evil and he sees no obstacles.
He is a major life lesson, a major arcana card that tells us to hang on to our hats… there’s a ‘big kid’  lesson afoot. When these majors come in they want us to focus, to pay close attention to what is going on in our world… to ask the questions and listen closely for the answer.
There is always an answer.

The Magician tells us that everything is coming to us as a result of our infinite thoughts. Yup.
All of it.

The Magician Cards in (left) The Dreaming Way Tarot and (right) Shadowscapes Tarot

The Magician doesn’t see anything bad. He sees resources in everything laid out in front of him. He knows that sometimes good things come in disguises and wants you to know that nothing in your life is wasted. We can work with everything that comes our way.
He is a master of the elements.
In Tarot, there are 4 suits… cups, wands, pentacles and swords – not unlike the 4 suits in a normal playing card deck. He has before him on his transforming table all 4 symbols, all the suits of the Tarot. His arm is raised above the table while we watch in awe as he takes what he needs and magically turns it into the very thing that we have been praying for.

How does HE DO IT??

With his mind my friend, like all of us.
With his mind.

You see, you are – we are – all The Magician.
Above his head, a requirement in this powerful card is the Infinity sign. (Sadly my keyboard doesn’t have this sign… so we’ll look at the 8 and pretend it’s on its side!)

The Magician makes magic in his life, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with the power of his mind. He knows what he has to work with… his power is from his thinking. As we think so shall we be. He uses the power of his thoughts, the power that comes with higher consciousness, the power of our infinite potential to manifest.

The Magician knows that everything is beneficial. The amazing blessings are there for your acknowledgement. But how about that trauma you’ve been experiencing? It’s for a reason. Even the stress you have, that difficult relationship, or the lack of money? It’s all happening FOR you… not to you. It’s a tool. It causes us to ask for better. We don’t ask if we aren’t experiencing contrast.
The Magician knows this. He knows that without those experiences – which are all a part of the elements in the Tarot – we would never get where we’re going.

He is infinite in his creativity. He sees no barriers and knows no such thing as no. He is our potential to transform. And he does it with ease, power and with his thinking.

The theme for June is to transform, to create magic with all that is going on around you. Look at the hand you’ve been dealt, the life you’re constantly creating, and learn how to harness the power of your thoughts. It’s time to create exactly what you want. No matter what you have in front of you now, trust me – and The Magician – it’s all useful!


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