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I  had an epiphany last night before falling asleep.
After yet another frustrating conversation and more spinning my wheels, more stress, more head banging into the wall… I realized something.

I say No quite a lot.
Quite a LOT.

The past few weeks I’ve been stress-fully falling asleep, wondering and worried and concerned. Last night it began again around 12:03 am. Then as I lay in bed… I started thinking about what I want.
And to each thing I began…

Yes I want to travel –
Yes I want to write more awesome articles –
Yes I want to read cards for more people –
Yes I want a prosperous and fulfilling career –
Yes I want to have a more intimate marriage –
Yes I want my children to feel more peaceful –
Yes I want to have all the money I need to do what I want –
Yes I want to go on THAT retreat –
Yes I want to go on a stress free vacation –
Yes I want to buy that new car –
Yes I want to feel amazing in my body –
Yes I want a beautiful home…

And the list goes on and on.

Last night I slept well.
I realized that I have contradicted so many of the things that I want in my life with my belief that I can’t have them. I’ve told them all No because of this and that and the other thing.
The more you say No to all of the good that you desire, the more the Universe will show you why it’s a ‘No’.

But I realized… even though right now, they aren’t all obvious “yes-es” doesn’t mean that they can’t be. I have to change my mind.

So now… when it comes to me, I decide to say Yes to the things that I want to do, have, be. It’s up to me to make that choice and know that if it’s meant to happen it will be backed up a million times over by the powers that be.

Here’s to Yes.


2 thoughts on “Yes.”

  1. Thank you for the read.

    It’s very easy to say no, because you can apply an obstacle that corroborates your decision easily, whereas to say yes, if it then fails or doesn’t work out, you feel you have yourself to blame.
    i.e. No because “the timing isn’t right” is easier to justify than “I’m afraid if I say yes, that I might fail.”

    I think you’ve made the right call to begin saying yes more. The obstacles in front of you, are smaller than they appear.

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