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20 Minutes

Last week I walked into my house after a long day at school where I work as a 2nd grade Teacher Aide. I had both of my small children (2 and 6 years old) in tow and I was extremely close to exploding.

I will be honest… as much as I enforce morning time for meditation, reflection, reading or writing… most days I’m just too tired to do those things and I guiltily hit the snooze bar.

I realized as I unpacked my daughters that if I didn’t have a few minutes to myself, there was no way we were all going to make it to dinner time without someone falling apart. Most likely me.

I told them mommy was going in her room for 20 minutes and that they should go play for a bit until I come out.
I sat down on my bed and went to trusty ‘ol YouTube where I searched the term ’20 Minute Meditation Music’. I picked the first thing that came up, complete with Tibetan song bowls.
I lay in bed and my mind did the normal racing for the first 5, 7, 12 minutes… then I noticed that my breathing was becoming more steady, longer, more relaxed.
Suddenly the music ended and I was back.

The rest of the evening went well. I handled dinner, homework, cleanup, conversation, bed time stories and everything else that came my way with a comfortable level of ease.

You may think I’m crazy. You may think 20 minutes is a bit generous. You may think your level of responsibility is too high to take on 20 minutes for yourself.

I’m telling you… take the time.
Take a time out, close the door, lock yourself in your office, (I used to meditate in an empty conference room back in my corporate career). You need time, like we all do to just sit and not stress out. You get what you give and if you give your life, your husband, wife, children or coworkers the stressed out version of  you… you are just going to get it right back.

But if you take those precious moments to recharge, you will show up with an added level of peace. You and everyone you come into contact with will only appreciate that.

Happy meditating!!

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