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Appreciation for the Sun

I picked my daughter up from school on Friday in a cold wintry mess. There was a cross between snow, slush and rain falling from the sky and it reminded me that winter is on its way in.
Such is life in upstate New York!

However cold and gross last week was though, the weekend was beautiful. Saturday, Sunday and today (Happy Veterans Day!) glowing with warm sunshine.

Today I slept in late and looked out  my bedroom window at the beautiful woods around our new home. The sun was soaking all of the brown and orange oak leaves in soft light, our pumpkins absorbing the rays and the colors reflected from the pretty glass window panes on the porch.
It’s all perfect.

I sat in bed thinking about the winter coming, but also knowing that there are good sides of this too. My family and I keep busy in the winter, snowboarding with my daughter in Vermont, and sledding with our Malamutes. Winter is a time for quiet reflection, relaxing, getting close to keep warm.

I give thanks today for the bright sunshine and the encouragement it gives us to move forward.
Even in the bitter cold days of January, the sun helps us.

Let us try to remember the simple pleasures we have around us as we enter the season of giving thanks, and always appreciate the light from the sun.


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