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Deep Gratitude

As we move into the next few weeks, we are faced with a choice… we can focus on all that we have, or we can fall into the trap of accumulating. The Holidays are upon us, and many are torn as they look at the future and wonder how things will work out.

Today I have some time to sit with myself and really reflect on all that the past year has brought to me.

December 2017 brought my husband and I to our knees as we made a rapid decision to move back to upstate NY after living in Norfolk VA for 10 months. The move was quick and painful. The pain lingered (for me) for many months and still needs to be cared for gently.
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned its that pain leads to growth, realization, and gratitude.

This year I’m grateful for so many things.

First, I’m grateful for the wonderful experience we had while living in Virginia, the people that we had surrounding us, the beautiful ocean, our home, the love that we created.
I’m grateful for my family, for all of their help and support in helping us return to New York.
I’m grateful for the elementary school in Galway NY that I am blessed to now work at, the school that helped my daughter rediscover learning, that helped us all feel like we belong and the relationships that we’re all establishing. I’m grateful for the wonderful classroom that I work in, the teacher that I work with every day… her amazing friendship and her inspiring lessons. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made while inside those buildings. I’m grateful for the children. For the hugs, the endless pictures that they create, the smiles, the playing. The innocence.

Adelynn’s last day of Kindergarten, 6/2018

I’m grateful for our new home. For the openness that allowed it into being. For divine timing. I’m grateful for our own space, for a nurturing environment that never ceases to amaze me. I’m grateful for all of the comforts of home, for my memories, my photos, my furniture, the food in my cabinets, the blankets on our bed, the pellets in the pellet stove, the dogs sleeping soundly at our feet. I’m grateful that the family Jeramie and I built is still strong and thriving. I’m grateful for the love, and the arguments… because they eventually bring us back to love again.

I’m grateful for friends. For people who will hug you, for the ones who are always there, whether they’re 1000 miles away, or 100 steps away. I’m grateful for family. For their love and support, for their stability… the grounding that they remind me of, and the help – in so many ways that they extend.

Luna napping, 11/2018

I’m grateful for the opportunities that continue to surface. For the inspiration to sit and write, clicking away on the keyboard, in my comfortable office, at my beautiful desk with incense burning next to me. I’m grateful for those who have faith in what I do, who seek my advice, those who listen to what I can offer, those who read these posts, the articles that I’ve composed, the radio shows that I’ve spoken on. I’m grateful, honored and extremely humbled that what I’m doing perhaps helps a few souls on this planet.

I’m grateful for my husband. Jeramie… for bringing me on this adventure, for helping me create, for loving me and being open to the love I give you. For his companionship and his loyalty. I’m grateful for my girls, Adelynn and Felicity… for being the little mirrors that you are. For playing, for showing me how to have fun, for making us smile, laugh, and cry. And for my dogs, Ludo and Luna. For going through it all with us.

Renewing our Wedding Vows in Norfolk last year

None of these “things” are actually “things”. They are the experiences that have brought me to now. They are priceless. They can’t be marked down 50% on Black Friday, or purchased on Cyber Monday. They are full of emotion, pain, fear, joy, excitement. They are indescribable pieces of me, of my life and they are what I reflect on over the Holidays and into 2019.
Look around you. Where have you been in the past 12 months… the past 12 years, the past 30 years. Look at how far you’ve come. Look at all you have. Look at what you can create, you are an inspiration to those around you… you’re so valuable.
Let us all give true thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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