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The Star Card

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a specific Tarot card but this is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites in the deck.

The Star is one of the most stunning and encouraging cards in the Tarot. The woman in the card is shown vulnerable – even naked in some of my decks – asking you to really surrender and be open to what is coming through to you. There is always the element of water incorporated in the card, moving the recipient to follow their emotions, follow their intuition and trust their feelings. Water (in Tarot and Astrology) is always associated with the feeling sense and reminds us that some things have to be felt instead of analyzed. The water coming through in the Star card is about balance, nourishment, peace and comfort. The card shows a woman pouring water from 2 large jugs – reminding to refill our self, to nourish and take care of our precious lives and to look toward spirit for the necessary replenishment.
Some decks show a specific number of stars in this card. There is always 1 large star present and this star is the one to follow. We are being called to look up, to seek something higher to guide the way. We are illuminated when we see this card. There may be darkness surrounding us – but we are not alone. We are never alone. Some decks show 7 smaller stars in the sky… symbolic of the chakra (energy centers) system and the ability to balance our life force energy when we are vulnerable and trust in the divine.

About a week ago, I sat and pulled 4 cards for myself… the reading was geared at my marriage, my relationship and some of my own internal questions. The reading had a card for me, a card for my husband and a card for us. The card that was pulled for ‘Us’ was The Star. I thought about it for a bit… trying to soak in what this card was telling me.

The first Star appearance

The next day I did another reading for myself – and there again, in my future influence was the beautiful Star Card. I was surprised to see it surface again but also not surprised. It happens a lot that I will see cards showing up multiple times in a matter of hours or even days… something is trying to be communicated.
So to top off my two Star sightings… a few hours later I opened up my weekly Tarot reading email and sure enough – there was another powerful reminder – the Star Card… the card for this week.

For me… this card is reminding me that there are so many things I don’t see, don’t know, have to just surrender to and trust that they will all work out for the highest good. This card is always my ‘trust the Universe’ card. It reminds me that there are blessings around me when I refuel, when I turn to spirit, when I am vulnerable and intuitive and open. Life has been tough the past few weeks and there have been huge question marks lingering around my head. The Star is here now reminding me that it will all make sense, it will all be okay.

Chronologically speaking, The Star card comes after the Tower – which speaks to change, chaos and destruction. The Star comes in often when we feel changes, realizations and chaos. After we experience the fear that comes from the Tower we  are exhausted… and the Star is a wonderful respite to the pain we may be going through.

The Star says that there is something bigger going on. When we strip down the ego, the chatter, the thoughts and opinions, all that we think we know… when we can stand there – as we are – in that silence we learn that it’s all going to be okay.
It’s going to be great.
Follow the Star.



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