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Proud of You

A few years ago I began a project that I never thought would happen for me. I was working on a podcast, a co-host for Natural Peace Radio… a podcast all about me and the work I’ve been doing for several years as a life coach, tarot advisor and healer. Like most things, I went into that show staying humble and brushing aside my skills.

Dr. Pat Bacilli, the owner of Transformation Talk Radio, and my new co-host gave me a strict homework assignment.

“I want you to brag about yourself Sarah” – she was very serious.

It was not easy for me to overcome that idea in my head that takes stock of all my mess ups, all the things I tried to do that didn’t quite work, all of the errors and the idea that I should not brag. Doesn’t matter how good I am at something… there’s nothing to brag about.

But I was able to quiet that voice (which I’m proud of!) and I sat on my computer for about 2 hours. I composed a timeline starting in 2014 when I began my path as a life coach. I wrote out everything I’d done. Every certificate, every article I wrote, published or not. I bragged about classes I held, even if people didn’t come. I bragged about all of it… and this was only in the arena of my work.

It was actually fascinating to see how much I’d done! Seriously!! I’m full of awesome ideas and there are so many things I have had the courage to take part in. There was reason to brag and it felt good to let myself feel good about all that I’d done.

I have to say… I am proud of myself. I see what I’ve done, and the ideas that are in my head – things that are gestating in there, just waiting for the time that they are born. I’m proud.

How about you?
What are you proud of?
Life is too short to be so humble.
You’re awesome and so am I!

❤ 🙂

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