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Over the past few months I have been making some pretty important discoveries while reading Tarot. There are many different “types” of cards that come into play during the course of the readings. There are some cards that are about your mind, thinking and logic. There are some that are more geared at your emotions, your feelings and the guidance they provide. There are other cards that are directly correlated with your passion, your energy and creativity… the fire that burns in your belly. And then there are the cards that talk all about your grounding… your home, your job, your life and the things that keep your feet firm on the floor.

I have been seeing more and more how important it is to work with a balance of all the resources in the Tarot… all of the suits, all of the tricks in the bag if you will.

I did a reading for a client a few months ago who was “way up in her head”.
Her words! She had sword cards all over her spread and she admitted that she has spent so much time up in her head trying to ‘figure things out’.

This is what we are going to examine more.
Our lives are full of different resources… not unlike a deck of Tarot cards. There are many ways we can approach what is happening around us, but so often, we take one of our methods (mind, logic, material items, money, passion or feelings) and we work almost exclusively with that ONE. We forget that we have options, we have multiple different ways to get to where we want to be.

Recently I’ve been realizing more and more how sometimes I feel like I’m taking a backward approach to my life. Like most people, I believe at times that I have to work hard for what I want. I have to get a better education. I have to put in long hours, difficult shifts. So much of society believes that you are nothing unless you’ve paid your dues, unless you have suffered and struggled, unless you’ve been put through the ringer and you somehow escaped out the other end.
But I’m starting to challenge this.
Now more than ever, I don’t believe that our lives should be difficult. I don’t believe we should have to take a mediocre job to just make ends meet, so we can barely scrape by. I don’t believe we should sacrifice our health because our job doesn’t give us enough personal time. Or that we should swallow our pride and do what is necessary to make ends meet… even if the job we’re doing goes against who we are completely.

Our lives our truly precious.
Why then do we live them as though nothing can ever happen? Why do we sacrifice ourselves because we were told (and we continue to tell our self) that we’re not good enough, smart enough, certified enough, pretty enough….etc. to have what we want in life?
Why do we put off being happy?

Our work in life isn’t actually work. It’s not an overnight shift at $22.50 an hour. It’s not waking up early to go start the coffee at the convenience store. It’s not working minimum wage and coming home worn out with barely enough energy to cook dinner. That is not the work we are here to perform.

The work is our wellness. The work is changing the paradigm. The work is what I’m in the middle of right now – where I’ve been for several months as I begin to see more and more that it is totally possible to live a happy, easy, fulfilled life. The work is to wake up and see that you deserve nothing but true, pure, unconditional happiness.
The work is in your head.
There are things in my life right now that scare me to pieces. There are decisions to be made and question marks above many different facets of my experience right now. But I also know that just educating myself and going through the methodical steps that society has laid out for me is going to lead me down a scary road. There are ‘nay say-ers’ all along that road. There are those that will lay the red tape out and tell me that someone like me can’t have what I want.

But there is work to be done.
The work is in my mind.
The work is in my belief system. There are some big dark monsters holding tight to those limiting beliefs I have about myself. There are my own demons that will hold me hostage forever if I let them. IF I LET THEM.
But then I remember… I have so many different tools in my bag. I remember that I signed up for this life, for this journey… to combat my own demons and to live life happily. I can pay attention to the negativity if I want to. I can do all of the struggling, the legwork, the exhausting tasks that remind me… “people like you can’t have THAT”.
But there is work to be done.

Your work here… all of our work here, is to remember that we have the ability, the free will to change our mind at any given moment. Our work is to discover that we can only get so far through logic, struggle, and the daily grind. None of these methods are sustainable on their own. None of them bring us to what we want all the way… and truly, they are optional. Struggle is optional.
Change is optional.
Happiness is a choice.

What we have to discover is that only when we hold empowering beliefs in our heart can we get where we want to go. When we allow ourselves to dream, to relax, to rest and care for the body and spirit, we are then doing the real work. When we can look at the masses who don’t believe in us, but we still believe in us, we are doing the work. The logic will only get you so far. The methodical struggling will only get you so far. Eventually… we all begin to question… and to ask “Isn’t there more than this?”

There is more.
When you ask a question it is always answered.
When you are full of passion, dying to move forward… praying for expansion and change, you are asking the right questions.
The work begins then. It begins when you are brave enough to look down below at the thoughts you were taught when you were little. It begins when you begin to challenge the status quo. It begins when you are no longer afraid of the changes that are waking up inside of you.
It’s terrifying, but it’s exhilarating.
It’s our purpose for life.

I’m not here to tell anyone to quit thinking, or working, or providing for a family. I am here however, to tell you that you have so many more resources available to you. You have an imagination, and desires, and love and passion. You have all of these emotions in you, and the better they feel, the more you are in alignment with who you are. I want all of us to remember that we have so many gifts. We have so much potential. There is nothing that we can ever deny ourselves. But the only way to get to the happiness you deserve is by allowing yourself to know that it is yours.

Wake up in the morning and remember… the work is in your mind. The work is allowing yourself to believe in you. The work is an emotional, healing journey.
A journey we are all taking together.


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