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I hit the snooze bar 5 times this morning.

The thing that got me out of bed was my commitment to a good friend who wanted to come down to the beach with me and meditate with the lake. I finally got up, grabbed some coffee and my blanket and got down to the beach.

I’m glad I did.
One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to sit, be still, be quiet, just be.

So many people are running around flustered, frantic, exhausted and hanging on by a thread. We’re all guilty of it.

When you feel it coming on… you have to stop.
Walk away.
Sit down.

Whatever it takes to reset.

The more frantic we are in our head, in our minds… the harder things will be for us. We’ve been taught to run ragged, to push through, to muster up the energy and will power from somewhere.

But from all I’ve seen… the best way to bring peace into your life is by being still. The best way to start your day… is by being still. That’s why morning meditation is the greatest way to move forward.
My friend and I sat by the water, listened to the fish surfacing, the birds, the stillness, and even the 2 men on a fishing boat. We sat and basked in the stillness.

There’s a funny saying…
“Don’t just sit there, do something!”
Now flip it…
“Don’t do something, just sit there!”

Take some time for yourself. Whether it’s 5 minutes alone in your room to prevent an outburst, or a week off of your normal duties… you owe it to your own well being to just sit and be.
Then we feel lighter.

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