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Working With the Moon

There have been many nights in my life where I would wake up out of a deep sleep because of the sudden feeling of a spotlight in my room. I would wake, a bit disoriented and realize that it wasn’t an actual spotlight, but the brightness of the moon poking through pine trees in through my bedroom window.
That somehow would provide me comfort… usually I would smile and fall back to sleep.

I have to be honest… in the 5 years or so that I’ve been reading Tarot, The Moon card has come up in readings and does a number on my understanding of what is actually going on. I suppose that’s appropriate though because at the end of the day, the card is one that speaks about confusion, illusion, shadows, uncertainty and the subconscious mind.
How apropos.

The Harvest moon will rise tonight, Friday the 13th… 13 is a number associated with transformation, releasing the old ways, growth and new beginnings – it is also related to the divine feminine and the 13 moon cycles in a year.
What is the moon prompting from us?

Well… I just sat down to pull a few cards for myself, and don’t you know, right smack in the middle of my reading is the Moon card.
The Moon tells us that we need to be able to navigate on a different level. Imagine that you have just awoke in the middle of the night. You can’t see because all of the lights in the house are off… but you need to navigate through the dark house. Give yourself a minute. Let your eyes adjust. Let your intuition kick in.  You can feel your way around your home, you don’t have to run into the corner of the bed… you can actually see very well in the dark if you just tap into your intuition.

The Moon is telling us that we have to stop for a minute to reorient. We have to go into the darkness, which is actually the subconscious mind and look dead on at what we haven’t been able to see, what may scare us, what we thought we believed.

For me the Moon has been a major theme over the past few weeks as I have been trying to muster up the courage to look at some of my stale old belief systems. It’s not easy. A lot of what has come up for me has taken on the form of projection. I’m guilty of it… I have taken some of my inner most demons and insisted that they have come from others. I have taken my insecurities and splattered them all over my life, and only in brief moments of clarity do I realize that NO ONE is doing this to me except myself and my own old beliefs.
This is the Moon.
It’s terrifying to wander around in the darkness and the illusions of the subconscious mind… but it’s also the place where the healing happens.
I said earlier how when I would wake in the middle of the night to find the moon peeping in through my window, I took comfort. I felt warmth, protection, like a soft nightlight keeping me safe while I slept and dreamed. The Moon is that nightlight for me… encouraging me as I dig around in the dark shadows of my most terrifying thoughts – it’s going to be okay. There may not be the light that comes from the vibrant sun, but there is the dim light from the moon.
I’m reminded that my scary thoughts… are just thoughts. The painful old beliefs are never permanent. They aren’t real. They aren’t solid or concrete. They can be changed.

The Moon holds a place of feeling for us all. My husband and daughter, both born under the astrological signs of Cancer, are ruled by the Moon. They are ruled by their emotions. We all are though to some degree. We are reminded that some things have to be felt in order to be understood. Only when we are brave enough to feel our true feelings, to be vulnerable and exposed, can we find what is our truth. It’s not possible to think your way through the darkness. It has be to felt to be understood and transformed.

Tonight, take comfort in the light of the Moon. Use it to guide yourself as you move toward the illumination of your old dark beliefs. Realize that you are safe and protected and that nothing can cause you harm without your consent. The subconscious wants to be explored and understood. Let us embrace the 13 vibration of change and transformation. Let us stand in the silver light and face our fears, learning from them, feeling them truly, thanking them and moving on.

All my love…

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