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Who We Are

There is a little loud voice
Inside my head
That tells me I don’t do enough.
It runs me ragged with a constant nagging
Of the things that need to be done.

It demands that I go
That I never slow
That no one can win if they can’t possibly show
The exhaustion that bleeds from their heart.

But there has to be another way
If you are what you are in your mind.
If I put in some peace and I let things slow down
If I feel my feet planted on solid ground
It must eventually lead
To a better place
A slower pace
Of natural ease and creative grace.

So now I relax and surrender to flow
That will come to my mind
And allow me to go
To the depths of desire
Where I harness my fire
In a slow burning flame
This is the game
It’s just natural and easy and calm.

So many will strive
Living entire lives
Screeching and clawing
Hemming and hawing
Of all that needs to be done.

The mind will demand
This is natural for man
But I’m here to tell you it’s not.

A flower need not prove it’s worth to the sun
It is lovely and vibrant
Its beauty is done.

We are human beings
Not human doings.
Let your heart let you rest
The peace inevitably won.

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