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With the realization that we can do what we want
We are shown just that.
We can think what we want.
Put love in your mind and let it ripple out
Put hatred in there too and it will flow on in
There’s optimism and hope available to you
There’s fear and worry at your fingertips
You get to choose.

Do you hear me?
We can pick the thoughts that enter our head
We can decide to lie about things that hurt
Or we can lie about things that bring us love
We get to choose what is going on inside

As you think,
So shall you be.
So if you’re going to put thoughts in your head that knock you down
You only have yourself to blame.
If you are going to amp yourself up
Remind yourself that you are beautiful,
In time,
With your decision to believe,
You become those things.

There is an infinity sign over all of our minds
Remember what you are singing in your head at all times
If you slow it all down
Retrace your steps you will find
That everything that is in existence
Started from your infinite mind.

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