Poetry, Thought

Heaven and Earth

I was born as an earthy sign
With my karma and my duties very much alive
Taking place at home on solid ground.
My feet are tough and so am I
I move and climb
Putting distance behind
All the places I’ve been – checking them off in my mind.

I’ve got a little baby goat
Who just like me, is determined to be all she can be.
She’s only 3.

I have beautiful friends who are earthy and kind
Who play in the garden paying no attention to time
We are all solid in the soil
Or the mountains
Or the earth
As we focus on putting our roots deep in the ground.

I’m starting to see though –
We don’t want to leave
After we close our eyes
And we finally sleep.
There is nothing harder than pulling an earthy woman out of her dreams.
Whether she is 3 or 70.

What I think I see
Is the connection between
The dynamics of heaven and earth.
If we put our feet on the solid ground
And we move and shake and we dance all around
We are so deeply planted and happy right now.

Then we curl into bed… and plant roots in the sheets
You had better been warned
We sleep hard when we sleep!
Because we work so hard to be here now
The alarm bell can ring
Louder than loud
We refuse to come back from the clouds.

When we sleep we are free
From the soil that we till
From the steepness we’ve created
Whether mountain or hill
We are constantly grounding and digging around
Covered in mud as our roots bury down
Into mother earth, and she holds our roots still
Because earthy girls like us
Want to know that the thrill
Is all about stability
And it always will.

So when we sleep, we cut our cord
We drift and fly
Choking on our words
We are free to be –
Who we are meant to be…
Without worry of roots tangling under the trees.

We space out completely
We go everywhere and more
The last thing we desire
Is to feel the cold floor
Under tired achy feet
That need to keep climbing
Keep digging
Keep planting
Even keep rhyming?

Baby goat is heavy
The momma bull is mean
She is not ready for another morning scene
There is no coffee made
The house is still cold
The blankets held space and the pillows would hold
The freeness in mind
The freedom to dream
And now we are ripped again
To the infinite grounding game.

But it can be an integration
If you allow it to be!
Your love and your passion
Will make waking easy
It will light you up as you step on the ground
And you allow the words to flow
As you plant flowers all around.

In the woods with the deer
She see owls above
Snow in the clearing
You find fire and love.
Your dreams carry plans
Your feet carry you
Trust in this process
For all that you’ll do.

It is hard sometimes
To wake back up to life
But we are always so blurry about the lines
When we sleep and we dream
And we wake and we see
That the two are sometimes so fuzzy
Which is real, which is clear, which option is the best for right here?

Slowly, surely… plant your roots.
Find your stable sea legs.
Your life needs you here
And at night, needs you there
Your job is to sync up with both.

Hold her hands –
Feel the trees
Swaying in happy harmony
You are grounded and yet –
Paradoxically free.

This piece came ((poetically)) as  a realization that came to me on the fascination I’ve had with sleep. For most of my life, I have NOT been a morning person. I could sleep happily most days for a good 12 hours or so. Many of my “earthy” friends, who are Virgos, Capricorns like me, or Taureans… are the exact same way. My daughter, who is almost 4, is also the exact same way. She may not always want to go to bed, but she also doesn’t wake easily. My realization… is that so much of us is focused on our grounding during the waking life, our stabilizing, rooting, building and climbing… that when it’s time to actually go to bed, and un-tether the cord – if you will… we don’t want to wake up and stop dreaming. We secretly (or maybe not so secretly!) want to stay dreaming in the ether forever. We love the feeling of flying free and not having to work so hard at finding our ground, building, planting and digging in our roots. 

Maybe, maybe not!?

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