Experiences, Poetry, Thought


I live in a teeny tiny town
With not a whole lot to do
Today while driving home from the grocery store
I noticed the church marquee said something new…

“We don’t need more to be thankful for
We just need to be thankful more.”

And I sat with that in my mind.

I drove up the hill to my house in the woods and rattled those words around inside. Less is more, more is less. There is less to worry about. To brush the dust off, to make a mess, in less there is less stress. 

There is plenty around that’s already here and my mind flashed to images I saw earlier… inflatable Santa’s and yards stuffed full,of Holiday glitter under melting snow. 

We are already enough, we already have what we need. 

But it’s still okay to want differently. I think to myself because I need to purge too. Sometimes what’s old needs to be replaced with what’s new. 

But we forget…
We forgot…
to send old on its way…
and we lay buried underneath these old remains. 

If we can look around and be thankful once more, we realize how little needs to come in through the door. With limited space it becomes easy to see, what has actual value to our family. 

We accumulate so much and we don’t know what to do… with massive stuffed closets and overflowing rooms.
What are we teaching ourselves?

An attitude of gratitude is actually
The realization that I’m enough already.
You look around and you finally see, that nothing is missing at all.
You can use what you have, you can make something new, you may already have what you think you need new. 

You are enough, and you own enough still
And when new comes in
You have created to fill
A vacuum of giving from the powers that be
From the world, to your home,  to your community. 

And most importantly…
Within you see.

Because, you are already absolutely enough.

Don’t beg for new to be thankful right now
Find a mirror and your reflection
Declare it out loud…
“I’m grateful for all that I am, all that I create and all that I am becoming.
You have found more to be grateful for
And that will create infinitely more.

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