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Saving a Star

It started with a little Star
She knew where she was going
She soared and streaked across the sky with a vibrant sense of knowing
But then the star got hold of doubt and it sent her plummeting
Down into fear, down into pain
Down into the constant “not knowing”
She rocketed back down to earth and crashed onto the hard ground
Shook herself off slowly
Looked up to the sky
Looking all around
Waiting for a familiar sound…
But nothing was felt or found.

Dazed and confused she wandered through the woods
Running into options and outlets
This promised to be one way
– but be careful of illusions
They may sway you from what you deserve
What you actually will get
What will lead you and tear you from your star-streak path
The infinite potential in the night sky
It’s different from the options you may see here
And you have to remind yourself
What you truly want inside.

The Star sat down
Closed her eyes
Remembered the feeling of flying inside
Streaking through the sky
Free and limitless and knowing why
The urge to fly is what fills her cup
The rest is illusion of fear
Her eyes fluttered a bit
As the warmth came in
Bigger and brighter…
Brighter and bigger…
Until she had to open her eyes
To the light
What she saw of course
Was the Sun shining bright
The spark through the trees bathed her in knowing
You must go where your calling is pulling.

So she opened her arms and then her heart
As the Sun illuminated her soul
She felt her seeds growing inside of her mind
The desires of her spirit will continue to grow
If you water what you love,
If you follow your heart,
Shine Sun into what you will to bloom
The Stars in the sky are created from those
Who dance across the night
Who are brave and sure that what they want is real
Courageous souls with just enough zeal
To know that their dreams will chase them in truth.

The half fallen Star gathered her wits
Packed them into her soul and began
Step closer to the ledge
Keep your eyes held high
Up to the heavens where your dreams are flying by
Waiting for you silly Fool!
Don’t worry about the fall
It won’t hurt a bit
Your dreams will catch you as soon as you step
Into their powerful grasp.

And if you should ever fall again
Trust the Sun to bring you back
With certainty in your heart
And step off of the ledge once more my friend.

**This piece was created from the inspiration of a recent Tarot reading I did for myself. The Star reversed, the 7 of Cups, and into the Sun card. On top of everything is The Fool. A beautiful reading to spark a beautiful poem!**

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