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The Angel Stone

Many months ago I was scrolling through my Pinterest feed and a pin caught my attention – a photo of a beautiful crystal cluster… soft blues, and silvery gray. I clicked on the link and read a short article about this crystal, called Celestite. From what I gathered, the stone was supposed to be helpful for people wanting to feel their Guardian Angels, spirit guides and helpful to those who are doing dream work and expanding spiritually.
Mostly I remembered how beautiful the stone was and thought that someday I’d like to find a piece.

On 2/22/20 I went with a good friend of mine to a gem and mineral show at the NYS Museum. I was really excited because my friend is a crystal enthusiast and I have a nice budding collection myself. I thought back to the Pinterest picture and told her we wanted to watch for a piece of Celestite.

We walked the whole show and about 3/4 of the way through, I found my stone. A good fist sized hunk of Celestite… soft blues, silvery and gray points that glittered and sparkled in the warm winter light.
I was thrilled with my find.

I got home and placed the bag with my Celestite in it on my nightstand. I wanted to take my time acclimating the stone into my home. It felt different than anything else I had for some reason.
Later that evening, I went into the bedroom to turn in for the night. The stone was wrapped still in its bag so I opened it up and for the first time ever… I instinctively decided to meditate with it before going to bed. I am an avid meditator, but I don’t usually include my stones or crystals in this activity… for no other reason except that I don’t usually think of it. I sat for about 20 minutes cradling the stone. My husband came to bed, and I was almost asleep holding my crystal. I set it down on the nightstand and fell asleep.

The next day was a big day for our family. My husband and I were taking our 2 daughters, Adelynn and Felicity to a little ski resort about an hour from our house. Adelynn is 7 and has been snowboarding since she was 3. Felicity is 4 and this was her first year riding her sister’s old snowboard set up. She was super excited to go to a “real” mountain. My husband and I have been riding for about 18 years and we were all happy about the day we were going to have.
My husband was out of bed cooking breakfast when I woke up. The girls were playing in their room. I was barely conscious and remembered my Celestite… sitting on my nightstand. I reached over – instinctively taking it to meditate with it again. I sat for about 10 minutes holding the stone, fingering over the smooth points and I felt a connection with it. The energy was comforting coming from it, very soft, gentle and assuring. I finished meditating and we got ready to go to the mountain.

At the mountain, we got everyone ready to get on the chairlift. It was so exciting… Felicity was paired up with my husband, and Adelynn was with me. We were lucky to have a bright bluebird sky and mild 43 degree temperatures. The snow was deep and perfect.
At the top of the little chair lift, I snapped a few photos of the beautiful Adirondack skyline, and a shot of Jeramie and Felicity ready to head down the hill together. I helped Adelynn get strapped in and we headed down behind my husband and Felicity. I worked with Adelynn for a few minutes and when I got over the ridge of the hill we were on, saw my husband, shouting for me to get down to him where he was holding Felicity in his arms.

My heart stopped.

I got to him, Adelynn sliding slowly down the mountain behind me and took Felicity into my arms. Jeramie left us to get ski patrol. Felicity was barely conscious. She had gotten out ahead of my husband and too much speed veered her off the trail. She hit a massive tree stump – head on. She was wearing her helmet, but I sat there with my little girl in my arms, barely able to open her eyes, still in my arms and bleeding from her right ear.
I prayed to God that this would not be the end of her.

Adelynn and I were traumatized sitting on the hill as 3 ski patrol members tried to keep Felicity with us. I looked at Adelynn and I tried to console her that sissy was going to be okay… though I had no idea.
I said “Adelynn… you know how we pray to God for help… baby, you need to pray to God to help Felicity stay with us.” She tried to shake off her tears, closed her eyes, squeezed my free hand, and we prayed.

Within 5 minutes, Felicity was taken off the mountain by ski patrol, loaded into an ambulance and later air lifted down to the hospital in Albany NY where she was treated for a severe concussion and 2 basilar skull fractures.

Somehow Adelynn and I managed to shake off the fearful emotions enough to ride down the hill on our boards. We loaded into the car and my husband drove the 90 minutes to the hospital where Felicity was admitted. It was the longest ride of my life.
We got to the trauma unit and saw our little girl laying with different tubes draped over her, machines plugged in and a breathing tube down her throat. She had a team of about 10 practitioners and it was enough to bring me to my knees.
I began to go numb… tunnel vision took over and it was a battle to stay optimistic in the middle of the unknown.
I sent my neighbor a text message asking her to pack me a bag for the hospital. I told her what had happened and gave her a list of things to pack.
I remembered my stone… the Celestite on my nightstand and asked her to pack it in the bag.

Felicity was admitted to the Pediatric ICU where her doctor advised that she would stay for several days. The doctor said that the first 72 hours were crucial. The fractures were large and they were concerned about swelling in her head. I prayed in my head silently… choking back tears. Jeramie squeezed my hand. She’s going to be okay I could feel him think to me.
I prayed again.

That night in the hospital I unpacked my overnight bag at around 12 am I took the Celestite out and held it. I remembered pieces of what I had read about guardian angels being associated with the stone. I pulled up Google and what I found from several articles shocked me.
Celestite works on several different parts of a persons body… mainly, the throat (where Felicity’s breathing tube was), the third eye and crown chakras of a persons head (where she suffered from a major concussion and 2 skull fractures, along with 2 black eyes and bad scrapes to her temples).
I kept reading.
The article went on to say that the stone is a must have Angel stone. It’s main purpose is to help people during times of need, to bring in spirit guides and Angels to help when we can’t see our way forward.
My eyes filled with tears.

If this was an angel stone… I had a SWAT team of angels summoned to keep our little girl alive through this chaos.
I kept the stone in her hospital room for the duration of her stay.

About a month before Felicity’s accident my grandpa had passed away. It was a difficult time for my family but since he passed I have been feeling him and seeing signs from him. He drops pennies for me on occasion… and other little signs that he’s around me. That first night in the hospital, I went to take a shower trying to wash away this difficult day as best I could. As I went to step in the shower, there on the floor were 3 pennies. I picked them up and tried not to start crying again.
Later as I settled into my temporary bedroom for the night (thanks to the Ronald McDonald house) I set my purse on a desk in the room. But again, something caught my eye… and there behind the phone on the desk, another penny. During my stay at the hospital, on several occasions, I would reach into my purse for something and come out with the memorial poem from my grandpa’s funeral service. Each time I would see his face smiling at me and I felt comfort.

Felicity and I spent just 3 days in the hospital. Each time a doctor saw her they were shocked at the speed of her recovery. She got better each day and all of her practitioners, nurses and doctors couldn’t believe how well she progressed. Her and I left the hospital early Wednesday morning after being admitted late Sunday afternoon.

We got home and laid down in bed. She fell asleep on my pillow and I began to cry. The weight of the days we had just had finally surfaced. I laid down next to my little girl and we both drifted off to sleep.

Felicity’s accident was over a month ago.
Now, when I look at her it’s insane to me what she endured. We met with her pediatrician the day after returning home. Her doctor choked up when she entered the room. She said that when she received the report from the hospital she was instantly sick with worry. While I was there, she called in her colleague to see Felicity and her progress. I could hear her voice crack when she asked me if I believed in Angels… “Sarah, I’m in awe to see her standing here in front of me” she told me. Then she hugged me as I choked on my own emotions.

A week after the accident my family and I drove back to the mountain to get Felicity’s snowboard and to meet some of her rescuers. We were met by a parade of people who had been there holding our hands the previous week. The mountain owner and his wife gave us huge hugs and were thrilled to see Felicity in such awesome shape. She got to meet the paramedics that helped her stabilize in the ambulance. She received hugs from the ski patrol members that got her off the hill – the first line of defense that saved her life. We had lunch at the mountain and celebrated the recovery of our little girl and our family being all together again.

I can’t say for sure that this pretty celestial rock saved my daughter. I know that sounds nuts. However… I have a lot of faith in the unseen things that happen all around us. Faith in the manifest world is not faith… but faith in what we can’t see… is something I’m learning to lean on more. My daughter is living happily and healthy since her accident. She amazes me and my husband. We look at where we were last month and every day it becomes more of a distant memory. Our lives move forward… but I am learning to slow down and stay awake. My little girl was going too fast on that snow when she was stopped in her tracks. Our lives are always moving and sometimes it takes a head on collision to stop us and we restart by asking the right questions.
We were forced to stop, reminded of how precious our lives are, and reminded that …. there is a fleet of Angels waiting to be summoned to help us in our confusing lives.
Thankfully I am becoming wise enough to ask.


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