Experiences, Poetry, Thought

Creating Love

When you wake up with the sun
Early in the morning
And your heart is alive and singing
So you put on the music to match your mood
You are creating the feeling of love.

When he holds you in his arms
And you feel safe and warm
And your wrapped up close and tight
You are creating the feeling of love.

When you think in your mind
How you appreciate that smile
The sun light dancing on the sheets
The kitten playing with your toes
The warmth of the body beside you
The security of this little home
You are creating the feeling of love.

When you read about the wars
And the disease
It creeps in nearer
The loss of jobs and money and career
You are no longer creating from love
But from fear.

When you slow the mind
And come back to right here
With him right beside you
Her closely embraced
A smile creeps across your face
As you realize you create in your mind.

It’s a game you see
Think and feel…
Feel again,
And again still.
Love creates love and it always will.
Fear creates fear
Slow the mind.
Sit and be still.
Be still and know.
I know.

So I reach for the thought of love today
I reach for it in a million little ways
Minute to minute
Hour to hour
Day to day
And I know…
Based on how I feel, I know where to go.

I see the sun sparkle
Getting brighter still
And I bask in the feeling of love that has filled
My bed and my room and my little warm home
And I know as I feel it
It will continue to grow
I know.
Be still and know.

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