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I read a post earlier today about the “lost year” idea that is surrounding some of the events that 2020 has brought to us all. I too have been in the thick of it – if you will.
Many of us have.

The idea that we have “lost” a year seems absurd to me though. It feels as if many have forgotten that we are actually here, on this planet, living these lives to learn and evolve. Sometimes we learn through pain. But I believe now, especially, we are being prompted to choose to learn through our joy and love.

What has come to me, literally in the past 10 minutes is that I need to look inside of my self for the answers I keep looking outside for. I, like many others, have a tendency to forget that nothing in my life is happening to me. It is happening FOR me. Painful or not. It is up to me to decide how I get my lessons. When I’m struggling in my thoughts, in my head, in my ego-mind… my lessons, (the world and my experience in it) have struggling feel to them.
So when I look at the chaos – globally, nationally or even just in my own 4 walls and my own little family… I am seeing the outside expression of what I’m feeling and thinking inside.

2020 has provided so many opportunities for us. SO MANY. And it continues. We look around and we see hatred, disease, violence, control… confusion on all levels.

That is the choice to learn a lesson through pain and struggle.

Dare I say…
We could chose to learn a different way.
We could look and see love. Love for our family, our friends, our lives in this world. We could look and see unity. We could see that we  have all chosen to live this life, at this time, on this planet – with these lessons and experiences together. We could finally realize that we are all INDEED seeking the same things.
We are ALL looking for love, for joy, for peace.

We always get what we are looking for.

2020 has not been a loss. Not even a little bit. It has been a lesson that human kind has been starving for for centuries. It is a call to change. Not change history. Not divide and isolate. Not find old problems and redeem them later. The change is in you. It is in me. It is in the quality of our thoughts and the decision to look where we want to go… towards peace, towards love, towards joy. You get what you think about. We all do. I know this because I’m living it in my own joys and struggles. When I’m looking for love and joy, I find it. When I’m looking for arguments and pain and injustice, I find that too.

We all have an obligation.
And we will all fulfill it in our own individual time.
We are here together, as one humanity, asking to learn to be better. It’s time for that to happen. It’s time to look WITHIN yourself and change on that level. It’s time to hear your soul, your spirit, speak. It’s time to dull down the chatter of the ego-mind. It’s time to wake up. For all of us. We are all being called to wake up. Not to wake up to the problems… to wake up to the solutions – and the solution is looking for love, peace, joy.

It’s a solo job.
It’s something that only you can do, but when you do wake up, you begin to help others wake up too.
It’s you reading these words and making the decision to sit and hear your Self. It’s taking time to reconnect with nature, to meditate, to pray, to reflect. It’s a journey that only we can do individually, and just a small amount of willingness will get the ball rolling.
And in no time at all, your wake up call will spark another and another.

This year, so far, has been an answer to years worth of asking. We asked for better, and now it’s being ushered in. Make up your mind what you want to see. At the end of the day, there is love or fear. Decide what you want. The choice is up to each one of us, and the more humanity decides to unite, to love, to come together and honor our uniqueness, the more we move in the direction of love.

Celebrate this year.
Celebrate the lessons we are all learning.
Root for your neighbor and your self because we depend on each other to come together as a species living here on Earth.

It’s time to wake up.
Listen to the call.
Make a choice for love.

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    1. Ok … I’m coming at you one more time because I’ve re-read this post now several times. With each pass through I peal back a little bit more. I’m left wondering if it is your message or if it is the spark of light

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