Experiences, Poetry, Thought


I woke from a familiar dream of you and I playing make believe.
I the Beauty –  and you, the Beast… and the symbolism became certain to me.
What is this dream that I know so well trying yet again to tell? 

It tells of love like all will do.
It tells of the projection that is actually you.
It tells of the inner beauty and beast and the loathsome chatter that she does to herself.
Why do you do this to yourself?

In the beginning you see the monster and again you try to run.
Desperately try to flee.
Then you start to see.
It’s a monster you have created outside – and in order to thrive, you must love the beast.
You must love the violent side.
You must love the one who is crying inside.
Dying and trying and ashamed and hiding.
You must love that one too.
Especially love that one.
Especially love her.
Love her in her pain and her dark fortress.
Love her as she gasps for air and love her for who she is trying to be.
Love her endlessly.

And as you love her in her pain,  you will love him too.
You will see the ‘monsters’ in the outside world who need it just as much as you.
You will soften to their pain.
You feel what they feel too, because they are no different than you.

This is a tale as old as time.
This is a lesson that will remind, as within so without you see.
The monster isn’t real and cannot be fled.
The monster is the Beast living in your head.
And as you open your heart inside and let the love into your mind, true Beauty will reign again.

The End.

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