Experiences, Poetry, Thought


There’s trouble a brewin’ child… you know, you can feel it in the morning coffee air.
Zip your lips and remember, take nothing personally.
Listen to that gentle Capricorn voice in your head and do as she says.
Go to the woods.
Go and feel the earth beneath your feet, with fluffy companions to drag you up (or down) the trail.
Go with him, because you both could use the fresh woodsy air to bring you back from the brink of blame.
So we listen and we go into the woods.
And as they always are, our souls are soothed.

It jogs my mind, bringing back all those times, all those miles that my feet have climbed.
Before babies and life and moves and changes – it brings me grounding again.

Breathe deep.
See green.
My favorite smell?
Of course… it is the smell of burnt orange pine needles in the afternoon sun.
Warm and inviting like a softly scented natural carpet.
And if you sit on them, you may find a few soaked in sap to cling to the bottom of your bottom…
But they are just funny reminders to show where you were happy to have been.

Happy to go.
Happy that we went.
Happy when the cream puffs took a dip in the lake and the sun warmed sky smiled down at us and understood why, it took so long to get out here again.
It’s okay dear.
Nature doesn’t hold a grudge.
She opens to you with welcoming trail heads, pine needle beds, uprooted roots and falling leaves and that precious perfect early autumn breeze.

She’s glad you came.
Please my loves, pack your boots, your toe shoes, your muddy paws… sleep deep in your bed, but please, come back again.

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