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Card for the Day: The (Snowy) Unicorn

This card… there’s an awesome story behind – and whenever The Unicorn shows up, (s)he brings magic along.

About 18 months ago, my daughter Adelynn and I were visiting with a friend of mine who was using the Kim Krans Animal Spirit Oracle card deck. Adelynn loved the deck and more importantly, loved the Unicorn card that she found in the Kim Krans deck. ((She actually didn’t pull that card that day, she pulled The Shark and was NOT happy about it! LOL)) I told my girlfriend that I needed to buy a copy of that oracle card deck for Adelynn for her birthday which was coming up in a few weeks.
I saw the deck a few times but never bought it… for whatever reason.

Then the weekend of her birthday I was in a new age shop in Saratoga Springs NY, near our home, and saw The Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck, illustrated by Josephine Wall. As a kid, I LOVED Josephine’s artwork and was immediately drawn to the deck. There was a sample deck out and I instinctively reached for the deck to pull a card.
Lo and behold…
The Unicorn card appeared.
I bought the deck for Adelynn 5 minutes later… and we use it all the time!

Yesterday, my daughter Felicity was sitting at the kitchen table playing with the stack of Mysticle Wisdom cards. I asked her to pick them up before dinner and she did. However… two cards were sitting on the table still, face down.
One card was the card for yesterday, Cheer Up (in it’s reversed position). The other card, The Unicorn.

The Unicorn card is a card of magic, synchronicity and serendipity. Clearly… from the stories I’ve already told you, this card carries some powerful energy and prompts us to be open for magic in our lives.

When I woke up this morning, after a rather difficult night, full of confusion in my heart and head… my husband could barely open the door. The dog stood on the top steps, unsure of how to proceed… and for good reason. There was about 30 inches of snow waiting for us. My jaw literally dropped. My first thought “snow is a good insulator and will help keep the house warm!”
My second thought… was pure joy. The kind of bliss you feel as a kid when you wake to an unexpected mid week blizzard. Snow makes my heart sing. My dogs are Alaskan Malamutes, whose job is to “break trail” through snow deeper than they stand. My daughters woke up and were thrilled.

I crawled back into bed and hung out under my covers for a bit. My mind thinking about the snow and what it was trying to tell me. The world around us was covered in a fresh, pure blanket of white. My family, including the dogs, was happy to be met with almost 3 feet of deep powder. And what is snow? Sent from the heavens… ice crystals created at the perfect temperature – the combination of water, cold air and microscopic minerals in the atmosphere. Heaven and earth coming together to create the perfect “storm” to help us all see things with the eyes of purity again.

And The Unicorn… galloping into our experience with a blizzard of new magical beginnings. This card symbolizes all that is beautiful and pure. The Unicorn is a creature of magic… difficult to tame and hard to understand. But when it shows up, it tells of magic and ‘luck’. There is no end to the possibilities and potential with this mysterious creature.

Here’s to a beautiful wintery day and some magical unicorn tracks dancing through the snow.

The Unicorn – Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck

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