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Card for the Day: Air Dragon

We’re going to use some cards today that are really different!
Be excited.

In the late spring I bought this deck for my husband Jeramie, because he loves animals. This deck is called The Druid Animal Oracle Deck by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, with incredible illustrations by Will Worthington. The deck is very detailed, very intricate and a great deck for nature/animal lovers.

The card pulled for today is a very empowering card.
The Air Dragon…

Card Meaning: Coming into contact with the Air Dragon can be as a bolt of lightning to the psyche and intellect – and as such must be treated with care and considerable respect. Sometimes manifesting as sudden flashes of illumination, The Air Dragon brings insight and clarity to your thought and imagination. As conveyor of numinous power, the Air Dragon can be seen as a symbol of visitation – for he is a messenger of the Sky God.

One of the things I have learned, forgotten and learned again in the many years that I’ve been working with Tarot/Oracle and as a Life Coach – is that so much of our problems – and solutions stem from our mind and thinking. The Air Dragon is a reminder of the power that comes from a clear mind and the importance of insight and strong thinking.

I’m a huge believer in meditation to learn to calm the mind. When a powerful thought, clarity or insight is dropped into a serene and still mind, the ripples are life changing.

I’m excited for this card and the insight The Air Dragon brings today.

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