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Card for the Day: King of Swords

For Christmas I asked my husband to pick out a card deck for me. Oracle or tarot, it didn’t matter. When I opened them up in my stocking, there was an awesome new deck waiting for me… The Dragon Tarot. I loved it because I never would have picked that out for myself, and it is such a beautiful and unique deck. My husband loves dragons, I love cards… It’s a perfect combination!

Today the card pulled is The King of Swords. This is a man who is sharp, clever and full of wisdom and intellect. When we come across him we have to understand how he works. He likes logic. His wheels are always spinning. He likes solid facts and to sort things out and understand them. He spends a lot of time in his head because that’s where he is comfortable, thinking. Swords in tarot are always working with the mind.

Sometimes this card will need to get back on solid ground. A person who spends a lot of time in their head needs to balance that with earthly grounding. So take him for a walk while you listen to the contents of his mind!

Have a great day!!

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