Oracle Cards, Thought

Card for the Day: Potential!!

Happy New Years Eve my friends! I was so excited to see the card that we pulled today out of the lovely Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck.

Potential… Think BIG for your future! It doesn’t get more inspiring than that on the last day of this crazy year.

This card is telling us that our ideas and creativity are full of amazing potential… As you read these words, things are well underway to help you with your powerful dreams. Keep an open mind and know that there truly are no limits to what will come into fruition. We have no time to waste on small dreams, it’s a good time to think big! Know that your dreams are calling you and keep empowering yourself with gentle and encouraging self talk.

The mantra given to this card is : My visions and goals take me beyond my current limitations.

It’s going to be a wonderful New Year my friends!!

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