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Card for the Day: Enlightenment

Happy New Year my friends!
I can say, with certainty, I am very excited to welcome in 2021 and the potential that it brings. Actually… our card for the day on New Years Eve was appropriately – Potential!

So today the card we have pulled is Enlightenment. We are working out of the Mystical Wisdom Oracle card deck… a deck illustrated by Josephine Wall. It is a STUNNING deck to work with, full of detailed vibrant illustrations.

I love that we pulled the Enlightenment card for some interesting reasons. Each year, we have a Tarot theme for the year. In 2020, the main theme for the year matched up to the Major Arcana Card in the Tarot, The Emporer. 2020 was a year full of masculine energy, structure, rigidity and probably focused on the men in your life, or masculine leaders. Check out my video about the Emporer for more information about him.

Back to Enlightenment!
This year, the Tarot card for the year is The Hierophant… which works really well with our Enlightenment card. Both cards are all about our spiritual beliefs and background and the decisions we make when we choose to embrace one belief system or another. The Enlightenment card is asking us to pursue spiritual growth. It is a prompt for us to find meaning in the world around us, in our life and desires and acknowledge that we may not even know what we don’t know. It pushes us to look deeper, and deeper starts by looking within. We must find some form of stillness and let who we really are, begin to shine through.

Card Meaning: You have come into your own and are in search of something more meaningful to add to your life. Now is the time to meditate, deliberate, self-evaluate and withdraw voluntarily from the world to seek truth and solitude. Rest and a quiet retreat away from your daily routine will allow you to consider enlightened decisions and go in the direction of your heart. This may also be the time to seek advice and spiritual guidance from a mentor or experienced person.

Mantra: I search for wisdom and mental clarity.
(Meaning and Mantra by Gaye Guthrie)

Have a wonderful day my friends!

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