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Card for the Day: The Highest Good

Today is a short but sweet card… I have a lovely new little deck that I’ve been working out of. The deck is called Goddess on the Go with mantras and interpretations by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and artwork by Melissa Harris.

Today our card says: I am serving the highest good for all.

Goddess on the Go Oracle deck

I love this.

Several days ago I heard someone speaking about service. About the idea of focusing less on your personal desires and more on service and giving, without expectations, to others. This card to me, encourages us to give. To be of service, to share our gifts and abilities with others and to do it without expectations. The joy is in doing and being what you love and knowing that somehow you have helped another.

Now go out and share what you can my friends!

With that… I am happy to offer a free remote card pull for anyone that contacts me in response to this post. You can email me at naturalpeacecoaching@gmail.com and I will reply back with a card, tarot or oracle to help you along your journey.

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