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Card for the Day: Leadership

Good Morning campers!

Today our card comes from the beautiful Mystical Wisdom Oracle deck illustrated by Josephine Wall, with interpretations by Gaye Guthrie.

I was super excited because I recently found a 2021 wall calendar with beautiful illustrations by Josephine Wall, several I’ve never seen before, and several that are actually included in this card deck.

The card for today is…
Leadership – Set Your Goals
(and I pulled it in reversed position, which means it’s SUPER important that we remember to keep this message in mind during the day!)

The Leadership card to me is all about taking charge of where you want to go, and what you want to do. Your life is yours. It is up to you to make the decisions of how you want to live, not anyone else. There are times that we make our decisions based on the advice of others, or what we think we SHOULD do… but to me this card is really about standing your ground about what is important to you and blazing a trail in that direction.

Leadership: The Mystical Wisdom Oracle

Card Meaning: You can master yourself with assertiveness and self-discipline. Take a leading role in this situation, knowing that mind over heart is sometimes necessary when group decisions need to be made. Define your structure, set your boundaries and focus your attention on achieving your group goals. Stick to your plan and see it through to the end. Your strength of purposehelps to overcome obstacles and achieve the impossible. Expect an opportunity or job promotion with extra responsibilities. This may require letting go of unhealthy choices.

Mantra: I make fair and just decisions. I am a good leader.

Embrace your inner lion and have the courage to stand by your powerful decisions!

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