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Card for the Day: One with Nature

Hey there my friends.

Todays card comes to us from a new little deck that I’m really enjoying – The Goddess on the Go oracle deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrations by Melissa Harris.

Today we have pulled the card that states “I am one with nature.”
If there is one thing that has kept me in good spirits this past year it is spending LOTS of time in nature and with nature.

My family is made up of 2 dogs and 2 cats – and 2 kids and 2 adults – but the animals in our home have always been a very important part of our family dynamic. Usually when I sit to meditate, one of my cats tends to make their way over to sit on my lap. If I’m feeling off, or if something is bothering me, it’s not uncommon for the dogs to sense it and sit with me. Animals are wonderful in this way.

But nature is not just the animals… the outside world is so therapeutic to our well being. I live in a very remote natural place. There are forests and lakes and streams all around and this is a wonderful thing to me. If I am struggling with something, my normal reaction is to get my jacket and boots on and go for a walk. The land we live on right now has several acres of wooded trails and those trails have brought me so much peace. Just being able to look outside and see the snowy trees is good for my well being.

Goddess on the Go Oracle
I am one with nature ❤

But you don’t have to live in the middle of nowhere to enjoy nature and reap the benefits offered. I would invite you to spend time outside every day, even in the colder months. I have heard several people suggest that “grounding” in the winter is important too. Going outside and standing for 30 seconds, barefoot, on the ground or the snow. It does something for you (besides encouraging warm socks!). Grounding is just feeling your feet on solid ground, in boots or barefoot.

I had a friend ask me in September how to cope with the winter months. My advice was to find an outside hobby (or 2 or 3!). My family is outside all year doing things and it’s amazing how that helps us all stay happy. In the winter we snowboard, dogsled, trail walk, cross country ski… you name it! In the warmer months we hike, swim, kayak, fish…

There are huge opportunities to enjoy nature. I would encourage you to be sure to get outside today and to spend quality time with your animal(s) today. Just notice how you feel when you are with these natural soothing creatures and in the company of the great outdoors. It is a fool proof way to ensure your emotional well being.

Have a lovely day my friends!

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