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Reading for the Day: Dragon Tarot

Today I feel pulled to dive in with more information for us and do a nice 3 card tarot spread. For those of you who have never heard how my readings work, please feel free to check out some of the videos on the Natural Peace Living Facebook page.
For today we will discuss these cards and their meaning here!

We are working out of The Dragon Tarot deck which continues to show some beautiful illustrations. This deck was created by Terry Donaldson and is really awesome to work with.

Past Influence: The King of Coins (or pentacles)
This is the card that got us up to our current situation. It’s very funny to me to see this card because last night a dear friend of mine received a new tarot deck… and I asked her to pull a card for us. Lo and behold, she pulled the King of Pentacles from a completely different deck. The King of Pentacles is a man who is financially stable and grounded. When we see the pentacles, or coins, we are being prompted to think of all the things that help us feel stable – our job, our home, our resources, our finances, all of our material ‘things’ if you will. The King of Pentacles has that stuff mastered. He is a provider, he is secure and stable, he has plenty of resources available to do whatever he wishes.

Current Situation: The King of Swords
So coming from our past, where we were seeing a King card, this is really neat… we are seeing another King but working out of a different element. The suit of swords in tarot is all about the mind, logic, thinking, processing and analyzing. So… seeing The King of Swords in our current situation tells us that there is a man right now who is very wise, very clever, very much functioning from a place of logic. He is one to think things through thoroughly. He probably spends a lot of time researching things, maybe fact checking a lot of things, probably spending a lot of time on Google searching for meaning! Also though… this man knows that he has power in his mind. He knows that he gets to pick and choose what he thinks about and if he is unhappy with his surroundings, it is a prompt to change the way he is looking at his situation. He knows that. He gets that.

Possible Future Outcome: Eight of Cups
Our possible future outcome means that we MAY see this situation… we may not too. Because it is pulled from right now, if we change something that we are seeing in our current situation, the future may change.
The cups cards in tarot deal with our emotions, our feelings, our intuition. The 8 of cups is suggesting that we are emotionally exhausted with a situation in our life and we are taking a break from it. I always see this card as a need for a change in scenery. We feel depleted, we feel emotional exhaustion and the best way to recover from that is to take some space and allow our self the space to process what exactly we are feeling. It doesn’t have to be a permanent break. It could be an hour long walk in the woods to just be. But we need some space and solitude to process how and what we are feeling.

I truly hope this reading is helpful to all of you! Please feel free to leave questions or comments and share if it was helpful!

Enjoy your day ❤

King of Coins – King of Swords – Eight of Cups

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