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Card for the Day: Choose Love

I hope you are all having a good day so far.
I have to say, this morning was hard to ease into. There were cats talking very early in the morning, dogs whining and barking, children up and down – and all I wanted was that precious extra 10 minutes to sleep. I would close my eyes and start to drift off to sleep again and then remind myself that I really needed to get up and function.
So I got up!
And I’m functioning!
And all is well in the world.

Today we are working out of The Universe Has Your Back oracle deck by Gabby Bernstein and (stunning) illustrations by Micaela Ezra. Several years ago, my best friend Samantha mailed me this deck randomly and I always think of her when I work with it, and her perfect timing. I needed some encouragment the day it showed up on my doorstep and it was such a kind selfless gesture.

Card for the Day: I choose Love no matter what.

The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards

These cards don’t have specific meanings. They are to be used more like gentle reminders and mantras to help us move through our day.

I love them because of their simplicity.

I choose love, no matter what. This is telling us that whatever we see, we can choose to see it through the eyes of fear, judgement, criticism, righteousness… or we can choose to see it with Love. Love will allow us to feel compassion, kindness, hope, empathy.
No Matter What.

If you see negativity, or darkness, or hatred or confusion and you feel that fear and anger bubble up in you because of something someone else is experiencing… you are not choosing love.
People do what they do for two reasons, out of love and kindness or out of fear and anger. Even in the most horrible situations, we can still look at our brothers and sisters in this world as equal. We can decide that we are going to look at them with empathy and care. We can realize that their actions are an indication of their pain… THEIR pain. We can realize that when people act out of pain and spread it all around it is really a cry for help. They are hurting – and the cure to hurt is not more hurt.
It is love.
The card may be simple but the call to action is not always so easy.

But… we can start small and be self aware. We can notice today when we decide to judge another, or even to judge our self.
And… we can choose again.
Our lives will always give us more opportunities to choose love, again and again and again.
And after a short while, we will be used to choosing love – no matter what.
And… the more you choose to live out of a loving place, the happier your time on this planet will be.

Have a wonderful day my friends!

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