An excerpt from the book I’m reading…

Mirari: The Way of the Mary’s by Mari Perron.

“People say now that you cannot ‘make’ anyone feel anything. And yet a word, as well as a look, can wither, or elate. Something has been conveyed. As the sun has effect, the words, the actions, the look in one’s eyes – they convey – as do words. They carry knowing. Words and actions “make known”. Words accompany you, stay with you, are remembered. So does the way they are said: the tone, the tenor, as well as the feeling invoked. “In the beginning was the Word.” Words can give or they can take away.

With that, I invite us all to pay attention to the words we offer. Inside of us and outside.

Sweet dreams!

Mirari: The Way of the Mary’s by Mari Perron – page 192

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